Chapter One Hundred Ten

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Charlie sat at the kitchen table with Iggy glaring at him as the cat sat on the kitchen table.

"You can give me all the dirty looks you want, but it's not going to bring her back any sooner, Iggy. You know, she's not gone forever. She'll be back in a couple of days, and then I'll let you cuddle her first, deal?"

Iggy just continued to stare at him.

"You know, you're being worse than Roscoe right now. There's this thing called sharing and you need to learn it. Anora has to be away at sometimes, and every time she leaves you turn into an absolute nightmare of a cat."

Iggy meowed as if he was agreeing with him.

"At least Roscoe's making some effort to behave."

While Charlie said that earlier that day, Roscoe was on his worse behavior that afternoon, with tail swipes and jaw snaps, it was obvious the dragon wasn't in any mood to work. However, at one point while Charlie attempted to feed the dragon, Roscoe came dangerous close to nearly striking him with his tail, which would have resulted in a nasty injury.

But last moment, Roscoe was smacked in between his eyes. He growled angrily, only to see Norberta standing before Charlie, her tail flickering against the ground as if daring him to try attack Charlie again. If he wanted to get to her handler, he was going to have to get through her first.

Roscoe eyed Norberta and her protective stance over Charlie, before he took a step back.

Charlie observed the two. Norberta wouldn't stand a chance against Roscoe if he wanted to cause some serious damage but it seemed the dragon had developed some respect for the female dragon. Roscoe's head lowered submissively to Norberta, however, the steam poured from his nostrils showing that he was quite annoyed.

"Uh...thanks Norbie." Charlie said holding out his hand. Norberta's snout touched his head, as she kept an eye on the larger dragon.

"How are these two holding up?"

Charlie glanced over to see Magnus walking over.

"Oh they are fine-" he went to answer but Magnus looked at him.

"Sorry, Charlie, but I was talking to Norberta." the man said.

Charlie chuckled. "I should have known."

"I know Norberta is handling herself quite well, after all her handler is still here. However, how are you and Roscoe holding up without Anora?"

"Are you suggesting Anora is my handler?" Charlie asked in amusement.

"Oh not at all. But she's your soulmate, is she not? I would assume one would feel quite lonely without their other half around."

Charlie kept his hand on Norberta's head. "Ah well, yes. I do miss her quite a bit. But I know besides the work she's probably enjoying herself at home."

"And Roscoe here?"

"Not a happy camper. Not one bit."

"Well, let's just hope Anora will be home sooner rather than later."

Anora's stay at the Grimmauld Place while nice to be around everyone, she did miss home quite a bit. She sure that Iggy and Roscoe were giving Charlie hell.

She was talking with Tonks after writing a quick letter back to Charlie.

"I think he's quite handsome." Tonks said.

Anora glanced over at her dear friend. "Well, Tonks...I didn't know you were into older men." she grinned.

"He's not that much older."

"Not to be a complete damper, Tonky Wonks, but he does have a daughter, you know."

"I'm well aware of that!" Tonks told her. " But he did have her quite young, you know...and all I said was that he was handsome."

"Yes, while drooling." Anora said using her sleeve and wiping the corner of the woman's mouth.

"Stop that!" Tonks shoved her hand away. "I was not drooling."

"Yes you were."

To diffuse from the conversation, Tonks caught sight of Eleanor and approached the girl who was knitting away.

"I knew I recognized you! The Mad Knitter." Tonks said with a smile.

The girl turned red while Anora glanced over Tonks shoulder. "You really know how to flatter a person, don't you Tonks?"

"What...oh I didn't mean it in a harsh way. In all honesty, I remember how much you knitted at the table. I was always quite impressed."

"Really?" Eleanor asked her.

"Oh yeah, you couldn't find me doing something like that." Tonks replied.

"That's because you can't sit still for more than a minute." Anora added.

"I can too!" Tonks argued.

"No, you can't. Anora's right." Moody said in passing. Anora grinned as Tonks protested against the idea.

"I can so sit still for a minute." Tonks said while Moody shook his head in Anora's direction. "I'll prove it!"

While Tonks left to the kitchen to sit in a chair, Anora sat down beside Eleanor, eyeing the knitted scarf the girl was working on.

"A bit early to be working on winter wear isn't it?" she asked Eleanor.

"Well, yeah, but I don't make them for myself really. Fred and George claim they see a potential market in selling these." Eleanor answered.

"Yeah I heard those two mumbling something about it. Heard your sweaters, hats, and scarfs are designed to keep you rather toasty during the cold winters."

"Socks too, and not only will they keep you warm, they're waterproof."


Anora asked if she could be one of the first to get some of the magical knitted items from Eleanor knowing all too well of the harsh winters, they would face back in Romania. When she told Eleanor about Charlie's refusal to apparate, Eleanor saw the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions. But the final question was the one that had been on everyone's mind for quite some time.

"I overheard Mrs. Weasley talking to you about Charlie and I couldn't help be curious too. I think everyone's been wondering the same thing....are you and Charlie...well together?"

Anora stood up and only answered Eleanor's question with a wink leaving the girl confused.

"Wait does that mean yes?!" She heard Eleanor call after her, but she did answer as she walked in to witness the argument between Tonks and Moody.

A/N: Hola Readers! I wanted to give a quick shout out to @VulpiJord who created an amazing piece of art! I absolutely adore it and I am so glad to share it all with you. :) You have amazing talent Vulpi!

 :) You have amazing talent Vulpi!

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