Fighting with the Enemy

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*Toru's POV*

The world has gone corrupt. It's mass chaos. Why must it be this way? Families are dying for just being here... It's terrifying to know that I could be the next one to die. Those aliens were something I was extremely interested in until recent attacks. I had to join to an association against the enemy. These creatures have no name, at least, we don't have a clue as to what it is. We call them Mortem for now. Seems stupid in my opinion.

Sigh. Right now isn't the best time to really complain, though I do have "time off". It's my time to go buy something to eat. We have boundaries, or blocked areas. They're like domes, so the mortem won't come into that area. We can't trust anyone though. Mortem have shown to adapt to turning into humans. It's odd how the government and military organized this whole thing, pretty weird. It's like they were expecting this to happen. It pisses me off really, just thinking of that possibility.

As I walked to a nearby restaurant, I could help but notice strange eyes staring at me from somewhere. I must be day dreaming.... Fighting does a lot to you. I walked into the place, ordering any meal. I honestly didn't care anymore, I was just hungry. I still felt foreign eyes staring me down, I could have just felt girls' eyes staring me down. I felt highly uncomfortable and became flustered. As soon as I was given a brown paper bag with my meal inside, I left. I didn't need to pay for this, it was taken care of by the captain. As I walked out, I decided to wander, looking for that one hill that gave me a great view of a small city.

I walked for awhile, but was sidetracked by a soft whimper. I turned to my left and walked toward the noisy. I soon approached a heap of something over someone. It was shaking until it sensed my presence. It sat up, now knocking over boards and scrap melt that was on top of him. I froze when the person's eyes started searching me. The male was heart, considering how his silhouette looked in the dark area, it looked male. "U-um... E-excuse me? A-are you o-okay?" I stuttered, mentally kicking myself for doing so.

"Yes... I'm fine. I.. was seperated from my group during an attack yesterday. I woke up here." he explained. My eyes widened slightly as I kneeled down in front of him.

"Are you sure you're okay? You look like you need to see a doctor."

"You're pretty persistent. Fine, my leg had been shot." he answered bluntly. I hummed, before getting up and holding out my hand. He stared at it before grabbing it and getting up, using the wall behind him for support. I maneuvered him to be behind me. He gave me an annyed huff before hopping onto my back. I was happy he got the hint. With the paper bag in my mouth and my hand supporting this man's legs, I walked off to HQ.

It took me thirty minutes to get there rather than ten-fifty minutes. Mostly because of the extra weight. I took the brunette up to the infirmary/lab. He was taken care of... In the meantime, I should eat. After that warm meal, I cleaned up and went into the lab. The doctors were talking quickly, in a frantic manner.

"So he has two of every vital organ." One doctor said, excitedly.

"He can grow and restore any limb, it's remarkable." another said

"What does his eyes look liked?" I asked, getting the doctors' attention. They looked at each before shrugging. I nodded slightl, putting my hand on the male's cheek.

"From the research we have on him, his name is Iwaizumi Hajime. He 20-22 years old, but his birthday isn't found in the system." I nodded as I kept my hand on his face. I couldn't help myself... I felt some sort of a connection. Or maybe something more. I don't know anymore. But what I do want to know is what his eyes look like. I'm intrigued. He could be the enemy, it's extremely possible considering how many extra organs he has.

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