Talking Helps

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"Why should we bring you back?"

"Because I don't have to help you guys save her."

"You can't use that anymore."

"It doesn't matter that I might love her, she wouldn't break up Scott. Trust me I remember her talking about him all the time, it was pathetic."

"How does that make her pathetic? She believed in something instead of trying to steal something from someone else."

"Ooh Malia schooled you." Liam cheers

"Liam, you're joining her rant really?"

"Shut up."

"Because I remember you being the reason Scott left in the first place which prompted Kira's anger."


"That doesn't matter, you probably set that up." Scott defends Liam

"I didn't but if I'm going to get the credit, I might as well have."

"Theo, don't try to make it seem like we are picking on you. You have done some f...."

"Malia let's not bringing those things up."

"So you are defending this ass?"

"No but I'm tired of talking about how he killed me or was with Kira. Those aren't exactly good memories so I don't want to talk about them."

"What do you think is happening to her?" Liam asks to relieve the tension

"I don't know."

"I know well I might have an idea. They won't kill her they want her to be one of them so they are probably doing some ritual to change her."

"Like Kate did to Scott?"

"Expect what don't know what their process is."

"And we don't know if Kira is going to be all psycho."

"If she is psycho, I'll help."

Malia stares at Theo "How could you help her?"

"As a former psycho, I know what psychos think and..."

"You are not going anywhere near Kira."

"Scotty trust me my intentions are only to help."

"Yeah you've told me that before so excuse me if I don't believe it."

"Theo why do you bother us so much?"

"Because like Kira, you guys don't want me to leave."

"Watch it." Scott threatens

"Can we all just be quiet till we get to Shiprock?"

"Good idea."

(Hours later when the pack arrives to New Mexico)

"Mm are we here?" Malia wakes up from a long sleep

"Yeah I remember where we need to go but I need to take break from driving to get energy back in case we have to fight." Scott pulls over

"I can drive if you tell me the directions."

Scott yawns "Okay."

Malia and Scott switch places.

"Whoa what is happening?"

"I'm driving. Scott is going to rest."

"Yeah Shiprock is only an hour away." Scott nods off.

Malia starts driving "This is easy."

Liam whispers "I don't think this is a good idea."

"What part of it?"

"First you're driving and second bringing Theo. He has an agenda beyond being in love with Kira and I know you and Scott know it too. So why is Scott bringing him?"

"Liam number one I'm a good driver and you're comment is  hurtful plus Scott has been up for 12 hours driving he needs a break. We know Theo is a risk but we only care about getting Kira back. Scott has a backup plan."

"If it's leaving Theo here with the skinwalkers that isn't going to work, Theo will trick them to letting him out in the first hour we leave him."

"Trust me I know but Scott isn't thinking straight without Kira. You know they are each other's anchor. To be honest, I feel like they can't think or function without each other."

"I love Kira, she's pack, but he can't just forget all the details because it's the overlooked details that could get people killed or hurt out here."

"Hey you would be the same if it was Hayden."

"You would be the same if it Stiles."

"I know and that's I'm not quick to judge Scott."

"So maybe I could be the rational one for us?"

"Wow I never thought I would say it but yes you're the rational."

"I know I wouldn't be it if Stiles or Lydia was with us."

"Hey we make fun of you but you are important to us."

"Thanks now go back to the mean sarcastic Malia because this one is scarier."

"Yeah I'm scaring  myself too." Malia laughs


Dark Kira is my aesthetic :) Anyways I plan on wrapping this story up on 20 or 21 chapters but I don't know yet. Thanks for all comments, votes, and views, they are greatly appreciated.    

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