Chapter 3

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           I jump out of my bed as I hear my phone alarm ringing for what would possibly be the tenth time. I groan and do a zombie walk till the shower. I take a quick bath since I know I am late. Yep. Late for school. Its Monday. Its not only a new week but also a new academic year. My senior year. I'm really excited for this year. Finally, I would be able to get out the small world they call high school and do something that I like.

      As I stand in front of the mirror, I stare back at my reflection. Green eyes, a small face, and an hourglass figure. My skin is pale and I have brownish blonde mid-back length curls. I've let my hair down with a simple side partition. I admit I actually look quite pretty all thanks to my beautiful mother. She is just like me but the only difference is her eyes. They are a deep shade of blue. Utterly gorgeous. But it has been a while now since I have seen those eyes. I sigh and check myself over once again. I'm wearing black jeans and a blood red t-shirt. I pair this with a crop denim jacket. It's my first day after all. I need to look presentable.

     Once satisfied with my look I check my bag and make sure I have everything I'm gonna need. I unplug my phone from the charger and go downstairs. I see dad sitting near the kitchen table.

"Hey papa. Good morning"

"Good morning baby girl. All set for your first day?" He asks. I'm surprised. We rarely have a conversation these days.

"Yeah, dad. I'm all set. Kinda excited."

He nods approvingly and the conversation ends there. I quickly make myself some fruit loops and eat them hungrily. Dad finishes and leaves for his room with a small goodbye and good luck. I finish my breakfast, grab my bag and walk to my mumma bear's room. Seeing her sleeping peacefully I take my keys and leave the house.

       As I park my car in the school's parking area, I feel a surge of energy flowing through me. I see students chattering and laughing which just makes me feel happy.Its like there are positive vibes all around. "Maybe this year will be super awesome." I murmur to myself. Yeah wait till classes begin with shitty tests, my brains graces me with its amazing comeback ability.

      As I walk towards the main building, I see the familiar pair of blonde and brunette hair. With a big grin on my face, I call out,

"Hey, Fox square!"

         The pair of hair turns around into the faces I have seen from my childhood. My best friends. Bella and Carly Fox. Twins by birth but totally north and south in real life, these people had been my biggest support after Cha..uh...the douchebag's issue.

"Sammy!!!" They both squeal together and pull me into a huge bear type of hug.

"Hey, guys I know you don't want me to die yet so please let me breathe!" I say with a strained voice which comes out 100 times more strained than it actually should.

"Oh come on! We are meeting after sooo loonng Sam." Bella says totally putting her dramatics skills on.

     Out of the two, she is the melodramatic-and-exaggerating-and-also-over dramatical- girl.  (Don't tell her I said that). I roll my eyes jokingly and say,

"Well, I do remember us meeting last week for getting you both a ship full of clothes for that huge place you call a cupboard."

   "Still Sam, a week, it was a week ago. And best friends are soulmates and souls can't stay away from their mates for even one minute." Bella says, lacing her voice over dramatical emotions.
Boy! She knows how to make me laugh. I chuckle and shake my head.

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