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Harry POV

I was pacing, running my hands through my hair out of frustration. Why the hell would she say all that? My dad was violent? A lunatic who stalked my mother? My mother left us, she ruined us, she never wanted me. My dad killed himself because I wasn’t enough to make him happy, because she left him; it was of a broken heart. That’s all. It was not because he was some monster and he had to put himself down. She was lying.

At the same time I couldn’t help but wonder why she would lie. What was the point? I needed to go to the source, I couldn’t bring myself to go to his grave, I wasn’t ready. I drove the few hours to my mother’s trashy looking apartment complex, and started up. I banged loudly on the dirty looking door.

There she was, this is my mother. She was worn out looking, not what I really remembered. I didn’t remember that much of her anyway. We had the same eyes, but I looked mostly like my dad. This was the woman that ran out on me. This was the girl that just left me behind, that never called on my birthday, that didn’t send a card, that never picked me up after I fell. She never sang me to sleep or kissed my forehead; she never was warm to me or held me. She abandoned me.

“What?” she breathed out, staring in shock through the door chain. She shut the door and took off the chain, fumbling a bit. She was standing in torn up denim jeans, and a flannel shirt.


“Y-Yeah, come in,” I stepped inside of her grungy apartment. “I told your girlfriend everything I knew.”

“You said that to her? You said my dad beat you?”

“Yes, of course I did. It was the truth.”

“No, that’s not true by any means. He was a good man. He took care of me; he was there for me when you abandoned us. You didn’t want us.”

“Why do you think I left? I couldn’t be around that man, he was a monster.”

“Don’t call him that,” I shouted. She flinched a bit.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

‘I’d never hit a woman, and neither would my dad. What is your game here? What are you trying to do? Fuck me up more than you already did?”

“I had to leave you; I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I was scared to death of your father. What did you expect? He didn’t hurt you, he’d never hurt you. Do you think I’d want you to grow up in a pit? You had a house and toys and schooling. That’s what you needed. I got out for my life.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“I gave her those letters. He always found me.”

“You could have written those.”

She rolled her eyes and walked into a drawer of what looked like crap. She dug and dug, then left the room for some time. She returned, and had a horrifying photo of her, beaten up, bloodied as hell. Based on the background of the photo, it was taken in my dad’s bedroom.

“Enough said? I have no reason to lie to you. It’s no wonder your girlfriend didn’t want to tell you,” she shook her head. “Harry I’m sorry for not getting you back, I should have, I do regret it. I just wasn’t ready, and I’m sorry for that. I was scared if I came back, you’d be just like him. I couldn’t face that.”

I dropped the picture and just stared. “It was all a lie?” I exhaled. “The man he was to me?”

“I’m sorry,”

I shook my head and took off, driving recklessly back home. I didn’t know what to do, my head was spinning. It was like my whole childhood was a lie. I was asleep at night and he was plotting his next move on hunting my mother like she was an animal. I felt so betrayed by him.

I went into his room, and trashed everything. I couldn’t help but feel pure rage explode through my chest. I tore his clothes down, I trashed the dresser, I shattered the mirror. I was just crumbling. I picked up a photo of him and I together, and threw it hard to the ground, hearing it shatter. I was on a rampage, storming into the garage. I broke so many things, I didn’t know why; I just didn’t know how to handle this. What… what do you do when you find out everything you’ve ever known was a complete and utter lie? What do you do when the man you truly idolized, who you thought was everything you ever wanted to be, was… a monster?

I was breathing heavily, gasping, unable to understand that this was happening. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t know how to handle this.

“Help me,” I broke into sobs over the phone. “Fix me, please. I don’t know what to do.” I walked into my house, pacing around the living room.

“Where are you?”

“I’m home, I’m home I can’t be here anymore. He beat her in here,” I was flying off the handle, I felt it.

“Stay there, sit out on the front steps but don’t leave okay? Stay there.”

“No, I can’t,” I choked and hung up, lacing my fingers at the top of my head. I was screaming internally, I felt so helpless. I couldn’t even talk to my dad, try to understand. I was so lost right now.

I was sitting on the couch, rocking with my face in my hands, trying to calm down when the door opened. Her eyes fell on me; her expression was a mix of things, so warm, sad, surprised, and hurt. I knew I broke her heart, but she still came.

“Finley,” I choked.

“Shh,’ she came over and laced her arms around me. “I was so scared,” she exhaled.


“Because… I… you sound so…. Your dad…” she shook her head and combed through my hair. “You’re going to be okay.”

I broke down into tears in her chest. “It’s all true,”

I held her tightly, everything falling apart.

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