We just reach to the bus stop as Chole stopped talking to her friends and said "Oh look the cry baby has came back, but this time with the prize we all been waiting for, her hot ass brother."

Everyone stopped what they was doing to watch yet another stupid fight between me and heffanie over there. They stared at me and my brother, but that wasn't what caught my eyes. What caught my eyes was Ryan just staring at me, smiling. I looked away, then backed at him and smiled back. I could feel my cheeks burning up.

Tony said" Hey Chloe I got news for your ass."

"Yes baby?" She said try to act all innocent.

"I don't like you and i never will like you. You're a hoe and that's what you will always be forever. And to top it off you got beef with my sister. So like I said fuck off my nut. And. Never. Call. Me. Baby. Again"

"I don't have beef with Lisa, me and her are best of friends, right Lisa" she said acting all innocent, looking at me pleading me to help her score my brother. No one would ever use my brother as a fucking sex toy.

I scoffed. She got me fucked up for someone else.

"Bitch whe-"

"Don't answer that Liz, we both know she lying. I don't like you and I never will. Plus I like someone else," he said.

Everyone was laughing and oo-ing. Chloe has never been so embarrassed. She huffed and walked away with her spoil brats behind her.

I wonder why the bus is so late. I was really tired of this bull at- I looked at my watch- 8:39 A.M.

I walked up to Ryan and looked in his eyes and went straight to the point "Yes your sister knows and no one was supposed to know and i was going to tell you, but not like this because I wanted to see if you felt the same way before I made a total fool of myself, but I guess Chloe already does that for me."

He put his hand on my waist. I looked at him curiously and all of a sudden he bent his head down and kissed me. I think i started blushing, but I couldn't tell because It felt like I was in heaven. I could feel everyone looking. We ended up breaking our lips apart, but his hands still around my waist and our forehand touching. "I like you too, Liz. I've liked you since the first day I laid eyes on you in 5th grade."

I remember that day like it was yesterday.


I walked in to class and sat down. First days of school were not my favorite. I sat down in front of a little girl and stared at each other.

"We're going outside." The teacher said.

We all lined up and went outside. Me and the little girl sat on the monkey bars, looking around us.

"Do you wanna be friends?" The first thing I said.

"Sure," she said smiling.

Three little boys started walking up to us. Two of them were my brother, the other I don't even know.

"Lizzy, I want you to meet Ryan. Ryan meet my sister, aka the geek, Lisa." My brothers said smirking at me.

Ryan bursts in to laughter and fell to the floor, holding his belly. He finally sobered up a while later.

I glared at him and my brother. "Shut up, you chicken clucker."

Ryan looked at me. "What is a chicken clucker?--- wait don't answer that."

"So who's the girl?" My brother asked.

I was about to answer when rude Ryan answered first.

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