Chapter 3

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Lauren's POV
We all went to school, Ally and Normani stayed close to me, Chris was with Austin and Jesse. We don't really talk to Harry, Dinah, and Louis. But we made sure they were okay. Brad and Kendall were at their cabin, safe.

"Look." Ally told me, Ariana, Demi and Selena walked passed us. We all looked at her, she was a bitch at times.

"I heard she bites other students and turns them. And that they're even a bigger bitch than the Nine." Normani said, we all watched them sitting down with other cool kids. "Come on guys, she doesn't want help." I said walking off.

Ariana was ashamed of being a vampire, who could blame her. I felt like that too.
"Can anyone tell me The Legend of The Blood Countess?" Our English teacher Mr. Cowell asked.

Oh here we go again. Ever year Mr. Cowell tell students vampires are real, nobody believes him. He teaches us these stories about vampires, most of them are true. The others are just what humans think of us.

Like not all of us are blood sucking vampires.

No one answered him.

"Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who lived from 1560 to 1614, was accused of vampire behavior: biting the flesh of victims and bathing in their blood as a beauty treatment." He told us.

But Elizabeth actually cut her maids and random people, she never bit them, true, she did use their blood to bathe in.

"How about The Legend of Dracula "son of dragon". Or what about the Legend of the vampire coffin."

First off vampires don't sleep in coffins, we don't sleep at all. Humans think we sleep in coffins to protect our skin from burning up. But vampires don't disintegrate when we go out in the sun.

"I think everyone knows The Legend of the vampire in medicine...garlic, it keeps vampires away." I'm not gonna lie Mr. Cowell is stepping up his game.
"Oh and you have to allow for the vampires to come in your house, if not then they can't come in."

I'm not complaining. He was right. We couldn't. We could get in school because it's not a house, vampires can't enter someone else's house.

Mr. Cowell had to stop his teaching when the fire alarm went off. "Okay class, I want you to wait for me outside, and don't get lost." He told us.
We all ran out. I looked at Ariana who was running to me. Which is unusual.

"Lauren, they're gone." Ariana cried. I held her arms seeing that she was shaking. Students were bumping into us.

I dragged Ariana in the restroom and locked the door. "What happened?" I asked seeing her bloody hands.

I stepped back seeing Ariana stare into the blood. "They, the -y took Demi, and Selena... Right out of my hands. I fought back, we all did, but when I saw Demi's head on the..." Ariana stared to cry. I walked closer to her.

"How long ago was this?" I asked, she didn't say anything.

"Ariana, they night still be here, you need to open that mouth of yours and tell me how long ago was it."

"Right before the fire alarm went off, I pulled it." Ariana told me still stunned by what happened.

"They're coming for us." I told her, "Snap out of it! We need to get the werewolves and vampires out of here." I told her.

Ariana nodded as we ran to where my friends were. Normani, and the rest smelled the blood, but controlled themselves and looked at us. "We need to go, they got Demi and Selena, get Dinah, Harry, and Louis. We can pick up Brad and Kendall at their cabin." I commanded. They all nodded, Chris and Jesse went to get Harry and Louis, Austin and Normani got Dinah.

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