Chapter 14- Cookies

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Chapter 14- Cookies

I grab Ruby's white dress with her bikini as well and walk downstairs where Dylan is waiting to take me home. Keys rattle from outside, unlocking the deep mahogany doors. A lady walks in, her brown hair is up in a clasp. She walks in with a little girl attached to her hand and another girl walks in behind them with her eyes fixed on her phone.

The lady smiles at Dylan, "Hey pumpkin, how was the party?" Dylan blushes then looks at me, probably embarrassed that the lady- who I am assuming is his mom because of the similarities- called him pumpkin.

I chuckle at Dylan's flushed cheeks and then look down at the little girl whose dark brown hair is in two bunches on the side of her head. She looks up at me shyly and then hides behind her mom, blushing.

"Mom, this is, um, a girl, a friend from my school." Dylan's mom looks at me and then looks down at my body which is currently in Dylan's cloths. I start blushing. Well, now she definitely thinks I'm one of Dylan's whores.

"Are you one of Dylan's sluts?" The older girl that came in behind Dylan's mom asks. She has blond hair to her shoulders and looks around thirteen. "Um, no. I never slept with Dylan if that's what you mean. My dress was wet and my ride left me so Dylan was really nice and let me stay in one of the guest rooms." I explain.

The blond girl nods and frowns, I don't think she believes me. Dylan's mom smiles. "You have a lovely house Miss Thompson." I say. Her smile widens, "Thank you sweetheart, its lovely to meet you." I nod and smile back at her. "This is Carly," the lady moves to the side to reveal the little girl with pigtails, "and this is Cassandra."

Carly smiles and Cassandra doesn't even look at me, too busy playing flappy bird. I lean down on my knees so I can be the same height as Carly, "Hi Carly, it's nice to meet you." Carly looks down at the wooden floors and blushes. "Hello," she whispers, "How do you know my brother?" She whispers. "Are you his girlfriend?" She asks smiling. I chuckle and look up at Dylan, "No, Dylan is just a... Friend." Sure, I guess I can put Dylan in that category. Honestly, I don't know. "A friend?" She repeats and I nod. "Will you make cookies with me?" She whispers. Her mom chuckles beside her, "You're welcome to stay as long as you want honey." She says to me. I look back at Carly and nod and she grins from ear to ear, "Yay! Dylan can bake with us too!" Carly says.

Cassandra has left to her room already and Dylan's mom lets go of Carly's grip and goes upstairs leaving Carly,  Dylan and I alone in the foyer. I stand up and Carly wraps her tiny hand around my index finger, dragging me to the kitchen with Dylan in tow.

I turn around to Dylan, "Do you know how to make cookies? Cause I sure as hell don't." I say. Dylan nods, "Yeah, my mom taught me." He says as he goes around the huge kitchen, taking out all the ingredient and placing them on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Carly sits on the island, her legs dangling off. I smile at the little girl who looks to be around four years old. I've always wanted a little sister.

"Do you like cookies?" Carly asks. I smile, "I've never had a cookie before." I say. "What? You've never had cookies!" Carly squeals. I shrug and Dylan turns to face me, raising his eyebrow. I shrug, "My mom is a horrible cook so I never really had the chance to have one and she says the store bought ones are not as good." I explain.


We end up making the cookies and shoving them in the oven without messing the kitchen at all except for a bit of flour on the counter.

"And now we wait." Dylan says, bowing. I grin at him and he smiles back at me. I can't believe I am in Dylan Thompson's house. I can't believe I slept in his house. How did this happen?

Why did I even say he was my friend? He shouldn't be. He's just some random fuckboy I know. I look down at the ground and then back up at him.

An idea pops into my head. I grab a handful of flour and dump it right on Dylan's perfect dark hair. Ha, that's going to take forever to get out. Dylan looks up and his eyes narrow. Oh shit. I take a step back as Dylan picks up an egg. No, this was such a bad idea. Dylan cracks the egg on top of my head, letting the gooey white and yellow slime roll down my head. I suck in a breath and the egg gets in places it shouldn't be. He looks at his sister as she giggles. I take the opportunity to grab the first thing I see, "Wanna know what goes well with cookies?" I say innocently. Dylan faces me, but its too late, milk slowly trickles down his head and onto his face and I smile in victory.

Dylan opens his arms and walks towards me as I slowly shuffle backwards, "Come on princess, I want a hug." Dylan says.

I turn around to run and only get a few feet away before I'm engulfed in Dylan's arms, I scream and laugh. "No! No! Stop, Dylan no!" He takes one of his hands, taking the milk and flour off his head, and wipes it down my cheek. "Ugh, that's so gross." I whine.

Dylan lets go of me and that's when I look to the door of the kitchen. Dylan's mom is leaning against the door frame and grinning at Dylan and I.

Well, that's awkward.


Aka-awkward! Yeah, the mom totally ships it, do you?

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