Marinette's p.o.v

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I look at the view from my balcony. Lively streets, lots of life, bright colours and the Eiffel Tower, rising high above the city of Paris. Wow I love my home. I turn to my Kwami, Tikki. "Do you think he meant is as a date?" I ask her. "He didn't say it was a date, but he didn't say it wasn't. So I really don't know Marinette." I sigh. Okay, let me flashback to what happened. We had just fought off the Akuma (Me(Ladybug) and Cat Noir)and my miraculous (my earrings) started beeping. I started to run away before my secret identity was revealed when someone grabbed my arm. Cat. "I'm not trying to find out who you are, but I need to talk to you, when we aren't fighting some villain or another. Maybe tonight, midnight?" I remember him saying. I was desperate to get away before I turned back to Marinette so I just replied "sure, on top of the Eiffel Tower." And shot off.

Back to the present. The villain was Akumatised after school so at least I didn't miss any lessons. That didn't change the fact I had homework. Sighing to myself, I go downstairs to my bedroom. Dumping a huge stack of books on my desk, I begin to write.

By the time I finish and have fallen asleep on my desk and woken up, it's 11:55. I jump up, exclaiming "Oh no! I'm gonna be late!"
"You will if you keep worrying. Let's just go so we aren't later than your usual late." Tikki answers my shouts.
"Tikki, spots on!" I shout, and a pink light engulfs my body. When it fades, I am Ladybug, not marinette. I throw my  yoyo towards the Eiffel Tower. I get a grip on the yoyo string and jump. I fly through the streets, finally landing atop Paris' most famous landmark. "Nice of you to join me, my lady." It's the voice of my annoying but friendly partner, Cat Noir. "You invited me here. " I point out. "I didn't join you, I came to you as I was invited here."
"Well, at least you're here. We never get to talk properly." He replies, walking out from the shadows.
"There isn't really much to talk about without giving away clues to our identities. That girl, Alya, with the ladyblog, she always shows up, no matter how dangerous the situation is." I say, referring to my feisty best friend.
"Is she trying to find out our identities?" Cat asks, and I nod in reply. "Well, a few questions won't hurt." He continues. "So-um, well-"
"Let me stop you there. This is about my love life, isn't it?" I say, cutting off his sentence. "Well, yes." Cat looks uncomfortable now. "Okay cat, I have braced myself, please proceed. " I tell him. He takes a deep breath. "Do you have a-" "A crush?" I finish the sentence, and Cat gives a shy nod. "Yes." Is my reply. Cat then asks for a name. It can't hurt, can it? Loads of people are in love with Adrien, he's a model. I decide to tell him. The name escapes my lips, and I swear Cat's eyes widen for a brief moment. The next second it is gone, and I assume it was my imagination. "Anyway, I'd better get going," I yawn. "Need to sleep." "Mm. Okay. Cya later, I guess." I hear him say behind me as I turn to leave. I throw my yoyo towards my house and once again fly through the streets to reach home.

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