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I woke up and dos my hair and grabbed my stuff. I walked downstairs and saw my dad and mom kissing. "Get a room"I laughed. They stopped and went back to other stuff. I ate then started to walk to school. I saw Vylad walk to his friends and then Garroth do the same. Then I saw this girl walk up to me. "Hi, have you seen Garroth "she asked. I pointed to my brother. "Thanks"she ran to him and kissed him. Must be the new girlfriend. Heh this is like the tenth one this month. Wow. I walked to class and it was history so I was ok. Then that girl walked in. She sat in the back but I just saw her. "Excuse me are you new"the teacher asked. "No,I'm Aphmau "she said taking off her hoodie. "Ok we'll get to work"Mr.Sky said. Then he said we had a project that we will soon work on. He said start thinking about what time you want to do and then he will pair up. I thought then I decided on the early Greeks. I love that time. Then it was to other classes. It was a really boring day. I walk to my bench and then Aphmau sat next to me. " this seat taken"she asked. "Never is"I said. She sat down. "Is your brother always a jerk"she asked. "Depends what did he do"I asked. "Kissed another girl"she said. (I am always making Garroth the bad guy). "Wow"I said. We talked until it was time to go to the next class. I walked in and sat in the back. Then is was time to go home. I saw Aphmau yelling at my brother so I walked faster. This is how he always gets new girlfriends he cheats. "Hey I never got your name"Aph said. "Zane"I smiled. "See you around "she smiled back and walked away. That smile. She's so beautiful. I walked home and saw Garroth yelling on the phone saying "she means nothing Aph. Come back to me. Don't be like that. Come on I love you"he said. I walked upstairs and dos my homework. He doesn't deserve her. He is really bad for her. I hope they break up soon.
What am I saying
I'm saying I like her

~I HAD TO redo this. I got confused of what I was writing so this is it. Bye~

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