Chapter 2: Round one

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'You made a link with all of them?' Shadow asked looking at Amy,

'No I couldn't handle that many minds. I already have a link with you, Emelio, and Frost. I couldn't handle ten more minds let alone minds that barely have an aura signature. I made a mental link with four of them and I spoke aloud that way all of them would move into the woods and not just four of them. I thought that it'd be better this way,' Amy thought looking at Shadow.

'That's smart thinking,' Shadow thought looking at her. Amy then sat there quietly waiting for any useful information that she could use. Then she suddenly got something from one of the clones that she made a mental link with. 'They're stealth fighters. They're hiding that way we can't locate them and-' Amy hard the male say only for it to suddenly stop.

'Shadow they're stealth fights so I don't think that going in there head first is a good idea,' Shadow heard Amy's voice say inside of his head.

'Think I should let Vain handle it?' Shadow asked looking at the forest. Amy's eyes widened when Shadow thought this and she looked at him.

'NO! We don't want to get disqualified because of a certain someone taking the match to far.' Amy thought looking at Shadow.

'I guess you're right,' Shadow thought before turning around and looking at the large mountain that was behind them. "Frost follow me," The male said looking at him. The black haired male nodded when Shadow said this and the two of them walked towards the mountain.

'Where are they going?' Emelio mentally asked looking at the female beside him.

'I don't know he didn't tell me anything,' Amy said looking at him. The female then looked at the two of them which were still climbing the mountain. Once they reached the top Frost sighed and dusted himself off.

"So what's the plan?" Frost asked looking at him.

"Can you make a giant boulder for me?" Shadow asked looking at Frost.

"Sure but why?" Frost asked looking at the male in front of him.

"You'll see," Shadow said with a smile. Frost sighed and he hands started to glow a slight blue within seconds several rocks started to come together and form one massive rock.

Frost then sighed and let the boulder drop. When it hit the ground it made the ground shake slightly. Shadow smiled at this and began to move to a different side of the rock. Frost looked at the male and then the direction he was facing.

'He's going to use the rock I made to clear out the woods their in. Why though? That'll only clear out a proportion of the forest two thirds of it will still be there.' Frost though to himself as he looked at the male he called both his leader and partner.

Frost then watched as Shadows usually blue eyes became a bright yellow color. 'Great he let Vain take control,' Frost thought to himself and he watched the male move the rock. Once he got to the edge he pushed it off and the two members of team SAFE that were on the ground watched as it cleared out a large strip of woods.

Frost then looked at Vain and watched as his eyes turned back to a warm blue color. "Seems like he did a good job," Shadow said aloud as he looked at the woods.

'Amy tell Emelio and Frost that were going to stand in the center of the path we made back to back.' Shadow thought to himself and with in seconds Amy's voice sounded off in his head.

'Okay sounds like a plan,' Amy's voice said inside of his head. The team that was RWBY watched in slight amazement of what they just saw.

"The rock was massive how'd he move it?" Ruby asked aloud.

"He probably had Vain move it for him," Neptune said looking at them.

"Sun you said it was hard to tell how strong Vain was physically but by the way it looks Vain may be on par with Yang," Blake said looking at Sun.

"I'd agree but chances are Vain used his semblance to move that rock." Sun said looking at the four of them.

"Speaking of which what is his semblance?" Weiss asked looking at Sun.

"Vain has the ability to control any and all forms of aura. He can repair it, produce more of it, drain it from his opponents, manifest it outside of his body, then there's his usual method which is what makes him such a dangerous opponent," Sun said looking at Weiss.

"What would that be?" Yang asked looking at the blonde male in front of her.

"Vain usually produces arua that would under normal circumstances destroy his body however he fixes this problem by condensing it in his body then moving it somewhere else like his hands or feet. He then expels the aura that he's gathered into his opponent.

"This just now occurred to me Vain has an unfair advantage in this tournament. Since the gauge that determines whether you're eliminated or not judges you based on how much aura you have and Vain can just produce more he literally can not lose this tournament." Weiss said looking at the four that were standing in the middle of the woods.

"Yeah if Shadow let Vain out every match of this tournament he'd be unbeatable. The thing is though that Shadow doesn't let Vain out that often and when he does it's not very long. If he did let Vain fight though it'd be bad for his opponents." Neptune said looking at Weiss.

"What makes you say that?" Ruby asked looking at Neptune.

"Speaking from experience I can safely say that being hit with a blast of pure aura hurts like hell and Shadow's capable of using his aura and semblance with little to no effort." Neptune said looking at Ruby.

"Seems like team SAFE is going to win this match." Sage said suddenly taking a seat next to Neptune.

The six that until now zoned out of the match suddenly started to pay attention they saw that three members of team DIRT were to the side and we're walking out of the arena. Meaning that it was one member of team DIRT against all four members of team SAFE.

"Well this seems to be a rather one sided match." Weiss said looking at the four members that were still all standing back to back.

A man then rose from that Shadows between the four of them and looked as he was going to attack Frost however the black haired male jumped forward dodging his attack.

This left the male open for the attacks of the other three that were around him. The three turned around and all three kicked him in the back sending him towards Frost.

Frost then smiled and dashed towards him no one else was close enough to see that Frost had gather some electricity around a his hands. Frost then slammed his hand into the males chest and he let out a pained scream before he fell to the his aura gauge hitting almost nothing.

"And with the elimination of the final member of team DIRT. Team SAFE will advance to the next round." Prifessor Port said looking at them.

"Well seems like they finished this rather easily." Blake said looking at them.

"Something like that if you ask me I think it was just Shadow jumping on each and every opportunities that his opponents gave him." Sage said looking at them.

"Well either way seems like we'll be facing off aginst them in the next round." Neptune said looking at them.

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