Chapter 9

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Third Person POV-

God waking up with a massive headache is not a how Rose pictured today going. She felt like she was hit by a truck and to say she wasn't not happy about it was an understatement. She tried to go back to sleep before realizing what happens after her trials. She immediately started to tremble looking around she realised where she was but had no idea how she got there. Sitting up she started to break down.

Dimitri's POV-

"Yes she's still out and no I don't know when she will wake up. If she's not up in the next 24 hours I'm taking her to the clinic. She'll give me hell for it later but if it helps her then so be it. Oh, Alberta can you please inform the princess of her condition I do not want to leave her alone."

"Yes, I will and thank you for updating me on her condition. I will talk to you later and take care of her Belikov." With that, she hung up and I headed back inside the cabin. As soon as I entered I hear her sobbing and ran to her immediately.

"shhh shhh it will be okay," I said bringing her to my chest in a protective embrace.

Rose's POV-

God I could have killed them I wanted no needed to kill them. And Jesse oh god what have I done. Sudently I felt sombody pulling me into their chest. I realized who it was and tried to push him away from me but he was stronger and just held me wispering comforting thing to me while I cryed and screamed. It felt like hours sitting there just crying into his chest. I felt him loosen his grip to look at me but in that moment I faught agianst him and ran. I ran from him I ran from me I just ran. I did horrible things. And I had no control over it, I almost killed the some of the people I love most in this world and I will not let this happen agian.

Sorry for the short chapter but a new one will be up soon.

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