Chapter 29

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(Nate's P.O.V)

I feel something cold running down my face and  I jump up. "AH!" I sit up and I see Anna sitting on the bed laughing. "What was that?!" I say looking at her. "Water." She says standing up. "Why would you?" I ask standing up. "Because we have school." She says walking out. Rolling my eyes I walk over to my dresser and get my clothes. I put on a black and some jeans. I slip on my vans and walk to the living room waiting for Anna. For most of the weekend Anna was helping me do work so I could get my grades up and graduate.I can't wait to go to collage with Anna, I know I can do it with her by my side. Even if we don't get into the same collage I'll still live with her in Florida...Right? She would never leave me alone that's not her. "What you thinking about?" I hear Anna say. "Oh nothing much, Ready?" I say picking up my backpack. "Yeah let's go!" She says getting her bag and walking out. I lock the door then grab Anna's hand and start walking to school. "Nate? Is anything bugging you?" She asks. "No. Why do you ask?" I say not looking at her. "It just seems like something is bugging you." She says sounding worried. "I am fine." I say. "You promise?" She asks looking at me. "Yes." I say smiling. She laughs and we keep walking to school, we get there after 20 minuets and Anna drags me to the first class. "Why I want to hang out with the guys." I complain as we walk in. "I want to make sure you turn in your work." She says. "I will okay!" I say letting go of her hand. "Nate, we both you would forget." She says crossing her arms. "Yeah that's true." I say laughing. She smiles and wraps her arms around me, "Your a dork." she says. "But you love me." I say looking at her. "Very true, I do love you." She says then kisses my cheek. "I love you." I say resting my forehead on hers. "Now go turn in your work." She says then sits on her desk. 

I walk over to the teacher and put my work on his desk. "Ah thank you Mr.Smith." He says picking up the papers. "Your welcome sir." I say. "You know you have a good girlfriend." He says. "Yeah, I do huh." I say then look back at Anna she's talking to Matt. "Take care of her Nathan." He says then goes on his computer. "I will." I say then walk over to Anna and Mat. "Hey Nate." Matt says. "Hey Matt." I say sitting next to Anna. "Hey Anna can you help me out with something?" Matt asks. "Yeah what is it?" She asks standing up. "Steph and me want to go to LA for collage, but we like it here." He says putting his hands and her shoulder. "Just go where you two will be happy." She says. "Thanks." He says smiling then hugs her. I watch Matt and Anna hug and it makes me fell something, Jealousy? The bell rings and Matt walks to his class and Anna sits next to me. The teacher walk to the front of the room and starts going over the lesson. "Oh and Nate you don't have to be jealous." Anna whispers. I feel my cheeks start to warm up and I put my head down. The rest of the day was Anna helping me with work and turning in work. The bell rang for us to go home, me and Anna walked home and watched Pokemon. "Nate check your grades." Anna says. "Fineeee." I say pulling out my phone. I look up my grades and I have all A's and one B. "ANNA I AM PASSING NOW!" I yell and standing on the couch causing Anna to fall on the ground. "That's awesome, Now help me up." She says looking at me. "Oh sorry." I say grabbing her hand. She stands up on the couch with me, "Nate we're gonna fall." She says holding on to me. "Then we fall!" I say falling back with her in my arms. "NATE!" She yells as we fall on the couch. "I got you." I say holding her. "Your evil." She whispers. "Come on." I say looking at her. "Your just lucky I love you." She says then kisses me. I kiss her back knowing I will never lose her. She pulls back and rests her forehead on mine. "I love you so much." She says falling asleep. "I love you to." I say wrapping me arms around her. "It's sad I have to leave you, when I move to Tokyo." She says half asleep. "Yeah, Wait WHAT!" I yell but she stays asleep. I am gonna lose Anna, But when. Was she dreaming? Is she kidding? Maybe she was just having a dream. I close my eyes to sleep and the thought that Anna might leave me keeps coming in my head. I can't lose her.....


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