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5 months later

I missed Percy. I was put in a different Spanish class this year and I was hella alone.

The good news: Someone I was friends with walked in.

The bad news: It happened to be Leo Valdez.

"Jason Grace! Long time, no see!" He said, sliding into the desk beside mine.

"We saw each other yesterday at Piper's house." I reminded him.

"Yeah," He said, rolling his eyes. "It's called exaggeration for dramatic effect. Anywayy, any hot girls in town?"

"The answer will always be no, Leo." I said.

"That's because you're gay as a fucking, what's the gayest thing you can think of?"

"I am straight."

"Yeah, righ- Holy fuck-" Leo said, eyeing a girl who had just walked in.
She had long cinnamon hair, and pale skin. She was pretty, but nothing of much interest. To me, at least.

"Never seen her before. Must be new." Leo said, lowering his voice. "Damn."

"Oh," I said, suddenly remembering. "She's the girl who moved in right down the street. I talked to her the other day."

Leo gaped at me. "Dude, you know her? You have to introduce me, man!"

I shrugged. "Hey, Calypso!" She smiled warmly and walked over.

"Hey, Jason," Leo was wide eyed.

"'Sup, Calypso. So this my friend..." I gestured to Leo.

"Hi, I'm Calypso," She said, obviously not sure what to think of him.

"And I'm speechless," He said, grinning at her.

I coughed. "Leo. His name is Leo."

Calypso raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

"So how you doing, girl? " Leo said, cracking his knuckles. I spotted a tiny smile on Calypso's face.

"Hmm." She crossed her arms.

Leo flexed his nonexistent muscles. "I've been working out. Ya know, the usual,"

I snickered behind my textbook.

Calypso rolled her eyes. "Uh huh,"

"Settle down class!" Our Spanish teacher barked at us.

Leo quickly shut up, but smiled to himself.


I spotted Percy waiting outside for me, one leg resting on the skateboard I gave him. "Hey Percy!"

He grinned. "What's up, Grace?"

Percy stood with a new posture. His eyes sparkled with amusement. Percy had become a new, confident person. It made me feel happy.

"What's up, man?"

"Hanging out at Piper's house today at six."

"Who's coming?"

Percy shrugged. "Whoever the hell shows up. You in?"

"Fuck yeah. What are we gonna do until six then?"

Percy skated slowly as I walked beside him. "I dunno. There's a park nearby."

"Sure. Why not?"

We sat in the shade of a large oak tree, in comfortable silence.

"So," I said. "How's everything?"

"Pretty good. My mom went on her first date with Paul yesterday."

"She okay?"

"Oh yeah, she's great." Percy turned towards me, his eyes reflecting the light of the sun beautifully like the sea during a sunset. "What about you?"

"Same as always." I shrugged.

Percy leaned towards me slightly and laid his head on my shoulder.

I smiled. "Are you tired?"

"Well, no. But yes."

"Thanks for the straight answer."

"You're welcome."

Percy lifted his head again. He smiled at me. I could feel each breath he took.

He leaned in

And kissed me.

His eyes widened in realization. He grabbed his skateboard and stood up. "Gotta blast!" He started running.

"P- Wait!"

There was no point if chasing after him. I touched my lips where his lingered. It felt so strange. So peculiar. If felt good.

He was gone.

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