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The meadow is just how I remember it to look from my childhood. The green meadow is surrounded by huge, leafy trees on all sides besides one, and that side is how the setting sun casts its light in.

My feet walk over the lush grass speckled with small, yellow flowers that sway and dance in the soft breeze. Soft crunching noises pervade the air.

Eden walks beside me, hand clasped in mine. Although it's been two weeks since he's gotten his wings, he still hasn't grown used to them yet. He says he prefers to learn to "walk with eyes" before trying to fly.

Together, we make our way to the center of the meadow, where a gravestone rests, all by itself.

We stare at the grave in silence, both of us lost in our memories of the person beneath the ground.

After a few more moments, I decide to break the silence "Did you bring it with you?" I ask Eden.

Eden nods and holds up the object he's been holding onto tightly since we started off from Castle Livor--a purple rose. He whispers something to the flower, presses his pink lips to it, and carefully lays it down in front of the gravestone.

"I miss you, Ruta," he mumbles. "I hope you're happy, wherever you are."

We leave the meadow then, heading back towards the castle, neither of us oblivious to the horrible screeching, wails of loss, and cannon fire ringing out in the distance. The sound of war had been plaguing the land for the past three days and it doesn't sound as if it will stop any time soon.

I feel Eden's grip on my hand tighten. I glance at the young boy before looking back towards the castle.

As we head back to the castle, the words engraved into the gravestone stay etched into my mind.

Ruta the Redeemed

Yes, I will do my best to fulfill my promise to you, Ruta. As your knight and friend, I will protect Eden and help this kingdom to flourish.

Another cannon rings out. More screams. Eden whimpers.

I will do what you asked no matter how much blood needs to be spilled.


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