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Kissing The Moon Goodbye is the THIRD book of the Midnight Mafia Trilogy.

Book one is titled "When The Sun Goes Down" The link is below, OR you can go to my profile and will be able to find all of my books there.

Book two is titled "Chasing Stars" The link is below, OR you can go to my profile and will be able to find all of my books there.

I would STRONGLY suggest you read these books before giving this one a shot as you will otherwise likely be confused.

I would like to take the time to mention, so everyone is aware, that this book will have multiple POV's, meaning maybe even a few outside of Kate and Alessio. I will specify at the start of each chapter who it is in the pov of, if I forget to specify it will be because it is in Kate's POV.

I would like to apologize for the choppy sound of this trailer. The video editing program I used for my other trailers was absolutely amazing, but costly. My free trial has expired so I had to use the window movie maker my laptop came with which is severely lacking in comparison to what I had used previously which could stack sound bits, merge them together, do all kinds of neat movie maker, uh, not so much. So it came out a bit choppy but it will do for now.

When this book begins (as currently book two is not finished) I WILL maintain weekly updates like I have for book one and book two, every Monday, if Monday's update is less than 1500 words I will post a second update throughout the week.

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"Your madre was beside herself all night wondering where you had slipped off to." He scolded with a playful glint to his eye. "And of course when the family was looking for you this morning and you were nowhere to be seen, it was quite a bother."

I gave Alessio a side eye. The family?

"Was there something you needed Padre?"

"No, no, it's quite alright. Just keeping tabs on my son is all. Guests arrived today and you were nowhere to be seen. You can imagine how rude this may have seemed."

"Our apologies. We'll greet them as soon as we are appropriate."

Ugo glanced down, as if just now noting our apparel and then back up. "Certainly son. Do grant me a favor of going to lock up my office before you slip off with your wife. I've business to attend to and you do know how I hate when wandering feet find themselves within those four walls."

"Of course Padre." Alessio replied without hesitation.

"Atta boy." Ugo said giving his shoulder a fatherly pat before brushing past us and continuing towards the door where he was immediately met by several other suited men.

When they'd gone and we started towards his office I sighed. Ugo still made me feel uncomfortable. And never did he ask, but always command. "You'd think he would have remembered to lock his own study if it was that important." I muttered.

"You can go to the room, I'll meet you for lunch. You must be famished."

"It's fine." I shook my head. It would only take a minute after all.

We entered the study, I had been in here a time or two. Ugo referred to the room as his study because it sounded less controlling I suppose, but it was his office. It was where he handled his business. I had heard him through the walls, speaking in the most calm tone possible, never raising his voice, never losing his cool, as he described in graphic details the way in which he would murder the person on the other line did they not complete the task desired of them. I had heard him sigh heavily as if he was under great burden and tell one of his men it would be a shame if he had to kill him right now being he would have to change his carpet and get a new chair. He kept things a very particular way, much like Alessio kept his. Neat, organized, meticulously placed, and private. Very private.

So when we came into the "study" and there was someone else in the room, I was a little more than surprised.

We came into the room, a gorgeous woman was by the bookcase casually inspecting the bindings of the books. Her dark hair was longer and way shiner than mine and fell in pleasantly loose curls. She was dressed way too flashy to just be standing around looking at book titles. The one shouldered red dress she wore could have easily passed for a shirt if she'd slapped on a pair of pants but instead her legs went on for miles before reaching her shiny red heels.

She'd pulled a book out, skimmed through several pages, and then shut it and returned it to the shelf, she did this again and then the sound of the door closing alerted her to our presence, she straightened, and slowly half turned to face us. Bright red lips curled up instantly and before I knew it she had tackled Alessio. Arms around his neck, cheek against cheek, legs around his waist.

He stumbled backwards his mouth open just a hair as he'd clearly not expected this assault either but his arms enclosed her immediately. His voice came out like a whisper quickly swept away by air. "Ari?"


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