The Chase

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*Imigie's POV*

I had been in Hannah's room what it felt to be almost three hours.

I spent it looking at the many things Hannah had in her room. The sorrow was too quick to build up in my heart.

I suddenly came across something I didn't even check out. It looked like it was a music box. I walked up to the table and saw it had to be a music box.

The top of it read: HW.

I opened the box and saw a ballerina spinning slowly while the song Frere Jacques played.

"This beats anything John Cena gave Nikki Bella," I whispered.

I sang along with the tune then after about a minute, I closed the music box then looked around. I knew I couldn't stay in this place any longer. I needed to find out what was going on and I needed to find out now.

*Mike's POV*

I noticed a gun at my right so I got it and the lantern I had used for the mood lighting and ran outside.

"Jess!" I called as I continued running in the bitter cold.

I was able to dodge any branches or anything on the ground that could cause me to trip and fall.


I suddenly stopped and there were two ways to go. There was a safe route and a fast route. I had to take fast. I'm desperate to find Jess.

I slid down the canisters in the water, trying to not fall which I didn't, thank goodness.

After that, I continued to run down the path, trying to find any sight of Jess.


After a while, I stopped at two possible ways again. I pulled out the gun and tried to find any sight of Jess.

Suddenly, I saw Jess getting pulled away but nothing was actually pulling her. What was going on here?

"No Michael!" Jess cried.

This can't be good! I didn't know what could be dragging her away but I didn't want her to get killed either.

I had two options. I could go around or risk the slide down. I decided the risk the slide down. I needed to find Jess and make sure she was alive, fast.

I made it down safely and picked up the lantern and gun and noticed I wasn't in the freezing cold anymore.

Where am I? I thought.

I continued to walk down what it appeared to be a mineshaft.

"No Michael!" I heard Jess scream.

"I'm coming Jess!" I shouted.

I couldn't let Jess die to whatever was dragging her away. I just couldn't let it happen.

I walked down the bit of stairs then walked my way to what it appeared to be an elevator. After that, I saw Jess laying down.

She appeared to have a deep cut on her chest. Please don't tell me she's dead. I wouldn't be able to handle it.

"No! Oh god!" I cried. "No Jessica!"

Suddenly, she stirred a bit then I saw her wake up. She looked weak like she could barely move.

"Jess, are you okay?" I asked her.

"Help," she said weakly.

I tried to reach for her but the chain in the elevator broke and Jess was going down the elevator fast.

"Jessica!" I cried.

Just like that, she was gone. Who on earth even attacked her?

I suddenly saw a figure walking up a path. The figure appeared to be a man. Something in my mind told me that he was the one who attacked Jess.

I pulled out my gun then aimed at him. I took a deep breath before aiming at him. He was gone. Did I hit him?

Figuring that I missed, I went to climb up the elevator shaft carefully without falling. I would go fast to catch up with him but it would be dangerous. I just climbed up.

"Come on Mikey boy," I said to myself as I continued to climb.

I finally climbed up to what appeared to be some kind of cave. I saw the man ahead. Taking out my gun again, I aimed at him but the gun wouldn't budge. Fuck! It was jammed!

"Fuck!" I whispered. "Jammed piece of shit!"

I threw the gun down and saw a door starting to slowly close. I quickly went under it in time before it had closed. Thank goodness!

I saw another lantern but it was lighter lantern. Thank goodness I carried a lighter with me. I lit the lantern then carried it as I walked out of the mines and back outside again. I tried to shield my eyes from the snow trying to get inside of them. It was cold but the adrenaline inside of my body was there to keep me warm.

I stopped when I saw a building up ahead. What was this place? I knew I had to check it out just to see what this man was up to. I prepared myself to walk my way to the building ahead.

*Matt's POV*

Emily and I were walking out in the snow to find help after what Chris and Ashley told us. A maniac on the loose was definitely not a good sight.

"I can't believe what happen," Emily said sounding a bit shocked.

"You mean what happened to Josh?" I asked.

"No I mean how he died," Emily corrected. "What if Josh isn't really dead?"

My eyes widened at that. Even though I was so sure if it was real or if it was a prank, Emily made such an interesting point. Like, god damn Emily!

We continued walking down the path and saw the cable car station. I tried to open it but it was locked.

To my right, I saw a window just about half way open. Maybe I could squeeze Emily into that space and she would open the door for us but something else came to mind. I saw an axe to my right. Maybe I could use it to break the door open.

I didn't want to attract any noise to the maniac on the loose. Plus, I had seen Emily fit into tight jeans.

"I'll get you through the window and you can open the door," I suggested.

Emily looked rather shocked.

"You're gonna shove my ass in that small space?" she asked.

"Em, I've seen you fit into some tight jeans. It's a talent."

"No, you're not shoving my ass into there," she snapped.

I sighed and gave up. Fine. I got the axe and it took three hits to break the door open.

I suddenly saw writing on the wall, possibly in blood.

"This must be the guy who got to Ashley and Chris and possibly Josh," Emily concluded.

She was right. This had to be. Who else would be behind this?

"You're definitely right," I replied.

"Rule number 1: Emily is always right," she boasted. "Rule number 2: nothing else matters because Emily is always right."

We continued to walk the snow and then trouble laid ahead. There was a cliff and suddenly, it got worse.

There were quite a lot of elks surrounding us and we were in danger. I didn't want any of us to fall down and possibly get seriously injured or killed.

Emily and I slowly backed up as the elks closed in on us. As far as I was concerned, I needed to think of a strategy fast in order to save both of us.

Character Traits...
Honest: 9/10
Charitable: 9/10
Funny: 2/10
Brave: 6/10
Romantic: 3/10
Curious: 4/10

Ashley: 9/10
Chris: 9/10
Emily: 8/10
Jess: 6/10
Josh: 10/10
Matt: 7/10
Mike: 6/10
Sam: 9.5/10

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