Chapter 2

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It's been six months and my memory still hasn't come back. The day after I woke up in the hospital, agent Holmes and Yard came to visit me. They asked me a lot of questions and asked me if I remembered anything. I told them the same thing I told the doctor, that I didn't remember anything at all. They gave me another week to recuperate some more and get a little better, then they wrapped me up and took me and a nurse in an ambulance out to the sight of the bombing. I didn't remember anything, but I got this horrible headache.

When we got back to the hospital, they consulted with a Psychiatrist who after talking to me, advised us all that the headache that I had has something to do with my memory. She says my mind is blocking it for some reason and when the time is right, I'll remember everything. She came in to see me every week for another month until I got out of the hospital.

Agents Holmes and Yard found out who I am, but told me that they wouldn't tell me yet because I wasn't ready. They did tell me that I don't have any family and no one came forward to claim me. They did, however, tell me my age and birthdate, for which I was very grateful. They put me in protective custody until my memory comes back. I received a really nice secure apartment and a car. They had someone train me to be a bartender and got me a job bartending at a nice restaurant. They pay all of my bills and come by at least twice a week to check to make sure that I'm still secure.

They gave me this identity for now and after I get my memory back and give them the information they need, they'll give me another identity and relocate me. So far it has been nice. It's difficult not being able to remember, but I'm making it work. Most of my burns have healed, the scars gone except for one on the back of my hand. The doctor wanted to do plastic surgery to remove it, but something told me to keep it, so I refused.

About a month after I started working at the bar, this good-looking blond guy started coming in for a drink. The first night he introduced himself as Peter. We always make small talk and he became a regular. After about two weeks, I started having headaches when I talk to him. Something in him triggered me, I guess, so when Agent Holmes came by for my security check, I told him about it. The next week, Agent Yard came in dressed to impress. She looked like she was out for a good time. She walked over to him and held a conversation with him and tried to pick him up, but he only had eyes for me.

So now they just keep surveillance on him. They have a tail on him and I always have security with me. I don't know where they're at, but they are always around, both of the agents have assured me of that.

Tonight is slow at the bar and I know that Peter will be here tonight. I'm hoping that there's more people at the bar when he comes in because I need an excuse to get away from him. Every time I see him now the headaches get more severe. Luckily, two guys come in and sit down at the bar a little while before the time that he's due to come in. I walk over to take their order and really notice one of them.

He has blond hair and a face of a male model. What really draws me to him is his eyes, they have so much sorrow in them that I just want to hug him and tell him everything's going to be fine. Instead, I smile and take their order, going to get it from the other end of the bar. When I return with their drinks, they're talking low so no one can hear what they say and stop when I approach them.

I set down their drinks, telling them my name and let them know if they need me to call me. About that time I notice Peter at the end of the bar and brace myself and move my hair off of my face to walk down there and talk to him. When I get there I greet him, "Hey Peter! How's it going tonight? What can I get you?"

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