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Just to give you guys a taste of what's to happen it's not started yet.....

      "Messiah can you get your brothers baby bag we're already late as is". This single mom shit was stressful especially when it was dealing with two kids. Thank god momma Tracy was coming into town to help me.
       I had Quincy in a hospital room by myself. I gave him the name Quincy cause it was Antwan's middle name. I know he would've been happy for that. Everyday I looked at my boys I saw their father . Some days it hurt to even look at them.
       Today makes 7 months since I lost Antwan and lord know I missed him so much. There have been so many sleepless nights where I just sat up and thought about my baby.
       Messiah ask about him here and there but when shit first happened it was a constant thing. My baby cried himself to sleep that's how much he missed his daddy.
       The tone shit well that stopped thankfully but now I had to deal with the other fuck brother Taj.
        I opened the door just as Bruno was about to knock. Bruno stepped in a lot since Knights death. He was a true bestfriend but Messiah wasn't feeling him. Every time he was around messiah wouldn't speak and when I asked him once why he just said "don't like his energy mommy". "Wassup little man"? Messiah just looks at him. As always Bruno I think wonders why he acts that way.
        "Oooookay well Where yawl headed"? He asked stepping aside. "To pick up momma Tracy she's in town". Bruno nodded "oh yea" "yea she's coming into town to talk to the detective over the case ."
       Since Knights death we've been trying to get down to the bottom of shit. Me and momma Tracy Bruno didn't think it would be a good idea going to the cops but shit I need to know what happen. And if so find my mans body and bury him properly . Damn I didn't want to think about it like that.
         Detective Lawrence who said he knew knight personal had momma Tracy hire him and he promised us he was going to do everything in his power to find out what happen. But in these past five months he's been coming to a bunch of dead ends.
        "Alright well I just came by to give you this". It was a brown paper bag . I sat the car seat down and looked inside. "Bruno this looks like only 20 grand the fuck is going on. I put you in charge and shit is starting to come up short"?
       "Shits moving slow sis I'm trying to get to the bottom of it but....." "No butts look find out what the fuck is going on I got mouths to feed and a big ass mortgage to pay. If you don't find out I will".
      Bruno nodded I place my kids in the car and watched as Bruno left.  

      Damn she was smart she knew it was only 20 grand by looking. Knight taught her well I guess. My phone rang it was Taj niggas been blowing up my phone crazy lately.
      "What man"? "I heard my momma is coming into town"? I sigh "yea Ciara is going to pick her up now". "Did you find out what detective they got on the case"? "Nah she was rushing bruh she jumped down my throat about the money she's figuring shit out ".
       "Shit you the one that wanted her to get a cut I been said fuck the bitch. Whatever you need to find out what else she knows about Knights case . I killed one brother successfully give you guys a chance to get your hands dirty and yawl fuck up. I need to find Knight dead or alive FIND HIM"!

Yawl ready for more don't know when I'm like actually start this story just thought I'd give yawl a piece.
Ciara and the kids in the media above....

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