Bucky Barnes- Valentine's Day

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//Ayy first chapter. Sorry it's taken me so long. I know Valentine's Day was a few days ago, but whatever. Yes requests are open just message me if you want to request something.//

Bucky hasn't had a girlfriend in over a decade, so he's bound to be rusty at anything romantic wise.

Especially Valentine's Day, because he can't decide on the pink heart shaped box filled with chocolates or the bouquet of chocolate roses.

So he picks both. Both is good, he ends up telling the cashier, paying him and trying not to smash the presents in his backpack.

He makes it back to the tower in one piece, palms sweaty and stomach twisting as he climbs off the motorcycle he had borrowed from Steve.

Bucky jogs inside, checks on the gifts as he rides up the elevator.


He doesn't realize the doors are open and you're standing right there, and quickly shoves his hand into the bag and hides it behind his back.

Smooth, Barnes, he thinks bitterly, managing an awkward smile and exits the elevator. "I-uh, was just getting food. Yeah. Food."

Your eyes narrow, eyes wandering to where he's holding the backpack suspiciously. "Well, okay," He nods, turns, ready to hurry away, but you call his name and shove a card and bear into his arms. "Happy Valentine's Day."

He blinks, looks down at the items and stares. "You.. got me presents?"

"I mean, we are sorta dating I guess."

Bucky smothers a grin, pulling out the party smushed box and roses. "I wasn't sure how to give these to you, but it seems like now is the time?"

You take the chocolates, laughing when you hold the roses. "Thank you, Buck. You sure know what to buy."

He shrugs. "I couldn't decide on just one, so I bought that and-" Bucky then realizes just how many kisses he had ordered when Steve rounds the corner, three large boxes with Hershey's printed on the front.

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