Part 57

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Taehyung's POV

I'm embarrassed. No wait, I'M BEYOND embarrassed!

My hormones are in war right now and I need to control myself. Especially around Rose.

But what she did at dinner....IT WAS HER FAULT!

I can see Rose looking at me with concern. I can see her nervously playing with my jacket. That jacket almost ended my life, but saved my life.

I wanted to say something to her. I want to apologize to her, but I seriously cannot talk.

"Tae?" Her calm voice causes me to jump. "Let's not ruin this night."

"I've already ruined it." I mumble quietly as I cover my face with a blanket.

I've never felt so hot and embarrassed like this before. I'm Taehyung, I usually don't care about my image, but now, I wish I could disappear into thin air.

"Awhh, Taehyungie." She scoots closer and hugs me. "You don't have to be embarrassed. It's not bad to be a gentlemen."

When she said that, I stopped breathing and started turning bright red.

"What's wrong now?" Rose asks and tries to pull the blanket off of me.

I whine a little when she pulls the blanket off me.

"Taehyung, it's ok." She says while placing her hand on my cheek. "Look at me."

I look at her. "Rose, let's go-"

I get cut off by her slowly kissing my lips.

We've kissed each other before. It's me kissing her most of the time, but I really do love it when she kisses ME.

I cup her face and deepen the kiss, but she grabs both of my hands and pushes them away.

I pout. "Why?"

"We have school tomorrow. Let's wait for the weekend." She whispers in my ear.

My eyes widen and I start moving around nervously. SHE'S GOTTA STOP!

She giggles a little after seeing my reaction.

"Cutie pie!" She yells and helps me up. "What's for dessert?"


We eat the Cookies N Cream ice cream together in the cold.

I laugh out loud when Rose gets a brain freeze. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her head.

I'm so glad I met Rose. She makes me feel happy even when I really am not.

Rose's POV

It's after dinner now and Taehyung and I already forgot about the awkwardness between us earlier.

I don't even know why he's being so hard on himself. He was being nice, a gentlemen, covering my bare legs with his jacket and all.

"Should I drive you home?" Taehyung asks while pecking my cheek.

I shrug. "Do you think you should?"

"I should."


We arrive at my house soon and I see my dad sitting on the porch while playing with his phone.

"Ahh, there you girls are." My dad yells and stands up.

I hold in a laugh.

"Should I go out there?" Taehyung asks, looking outside, unwillingly.

"Yes, definitely." I respond while getting out of the car.

As soon as Taehyung gets out of the car, my dad breaks down into girly giggles.

"Aigoo, Kim Taehyung, you're so handsome." My dad compliments while acting all shy.

Oh my gosh, that's my dad, everyone.

I cover my cheeks in embarrassment. "Oh my goodness."

"He's cute, like you." Taehyung pokes my nose.

I pull him into a hug and he hugs me back tightly.

"Where's my goodnight kiss?" Taehyung whispers and points to his lips.


"YEAH!" My mom shouts from her window.

I calm my heart down and look up. I go on my tippy toes and kiss Taehyung on the lips. Slowly, but deeply.

My parents both "awweeee" and that makes me even more embarrassed and shy.

"Goodnight, beautiful." He whispers.

"Good night, handsome." I reply and he smiles.

We kiss one more time and he hops back into his car.

"See you tomorrow." I wave and he waves back.

And off he drives.

I run into the house, clearly way too embarrassed to talk to my parents.

I run into my room and I see Lilia sitting on my bed with her arms crossed.

"What took you so long?" She asks, sternly.

I look at my phone. "Um, it's not that late."

"Stop talking back to me." Lilia stands up and points her finger.

I stare at her in confusion.

"Haha, I'm just messing around. TELL ME EVERYTHING!" Lilia pats the spot next to her.

I sit down and tell her everything. From the car ride to dinner to surprise to dessert.

"Oh my gosh." Lilia looks at me in total shock. "You're not playing with me, right?"

I shake my head and laugh. "No, I'm not lying. I'm surprised at myself too."

"I can't believe you. YOU!? You, Rose, did that?" Lilia gasps and looks off in the distance.

I nod. "It's true."

"And, about that thing where Taehyung took off his jacket really quickly while kissing you..."


"I'll just tell you this, it's not what you think." She smiles and pats my shoulder. "Oh, you."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out sooner or later, lady child."

I shrug. "What happened with you and Jimin?"

"We didn't do anything today."

"That sounds like a lie." I scoff.

"Really! After we dropped you off, I just stayed here and watched Netflix. We texted each other, we're gonna hang out this weekend."

Taehyung's POV

"Thank you so much for helping me." I hug Baekhyun tightly.

"No problem. It was cute seeing you guys." He says.

"You watched us?"

"Not really. I just went out to use the bathroom, then I came back and saw you two talking and all, then I played on my phone the whole time."

I nod. "Cool, cool."

I'm so glad he didn't see my horrible mistake.

"Oh, and Taehyung?" Baekhyun looks at me before leaving my house.


"Nice save." He gives me a thumbs up and heads out the door.

I groan really loudly and bury my head in the couch cushions.

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