Sawyer Hartman Fanfiction

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*Sawyer's view*

I wake up to hearing something knocking. "Sawyer get up! We need to vlog and go to Whole Foods today." I moan and pull the sheets over my head "But we went to Whole Foods yesterday!" I murmer.

I hear my door open and before I knew it I was being beat with a pillow. "Sawyer come on!!!!" Joey yells.

"Okay, Okay. I am up!" I yell as I get up and walk to the bathroom. I get dressed and do my hair. Wow that sounds like what a girl would say. Oh well. I get my shoes on and walk to the kitchen where Joey is sitting. "Why are we going to Whole Foods again?" Seriously, Joey goes there almost everyday. 

"We are out of goody goody gumdrops." Joey replies. I walk to the freezer and open it. Nothing from Whole Foods was there. And Joey says he doesn't eat a lot.

"Some one likes to eat a lot." I say and I close the freezer.

"I am a growing boy. Come on lets go." Joey says. He grabs his keys and we walk to the car. Joey is holding his camera and I am holding mine. The whole car ride we are vlogging and talking about random stuff. Then we finally got to Whole Foods. I turn off my camera and set it in the cup holder. "Your not bringing it?" Joey asks.

"The battery is almost dead." I reply. We get out of the car and walk up to the doors. Joey still vlogging and talking to the camera. I look around and notice a lot of people giving us dirty looks. I just rolll my eyes and follow Joey. At the corner of my eye I see and girl smiling and looking at me. Is it the good smile as in she likes me or the smile as in he looks weird. I couldn't tell.

"Joey." I whisper and tap on his shoulder.

"Hmm." He says turning around.

"That girl is looking at us and smiling." I tell him.

He looks over there and waves. WTF!  He then drags me over to her. "Hi. We couldn't help but notice that you were smiling at us." Joey says. Man, oh, Man do I wish I could punch Joey right now.

"Oh sorry. I never thought I would ever see you guys in person." She says and giggles.

"Oh so you know who we are." Joey says. No she never that she would never see two boys in person.

"I love watching your vidoes. I am Devvin." she saysand looks down at her phone that lite up.

"So you won't mind being in one of ours vlogs then?" Joey says. Dude I swear Joey I tryin' to start something.

Devvins eyes widen "I would love to be in one of you videos!"

Joey looks at me and says "Come on Sawyer be social."

After a 5 minute trip to Whole Foods turns into an hour trip we leave. But before we walk out the door I say "Devvin! Wanna exchange numbers? Maybe we can hang out sometime."

She smiles and gets a pen out of you bag. She writes her number on my arm."I forgot my phone in the car. Otherwise I wouldn't just let you put your number in there." I say

"Don't worry. I left mine in the car too." She replies.

*Joeys view*

Devvin seems a little bit different from the other girls. And not in a good way. I can't describe how weird she makes me feel. Then Sawyer and her exchanging numbers. YUCk! I hope she gave him a fake number so I don't ever have to see her again!

"Isn't she great or what!" Sawyer says as we get into the car.

"Please tell me that is sarcasm." I blurt out.

"What you didn't like her?" Sawyer said and looked a bit offended.

"Not really. Didn't you notice something .... odd about her?" I ask hopefully.

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