"Chris, I don't want to die!" Ashley screamed.

So the person behind this was the man with the mask that punched me earlier and took Ashley and Josh? A psycho? The thought made me shudder.

"Please everyone calm down," the psycho said. "Christopher, you will find a lever placed directly in front of you. All you have to do is choose who you will save."

I shook my head at him saying my full name. I saw the lever and above it had pictures of Ashley and Josh. I had to choose which one to save from this saw bullshit?

The machine with the saw blade turned on and Josh and Ashley were both shouting and screaming.

I hated that I was now forced to choose who I would want to live.

"Chris you can't let me die!" Ashley cried.

It was too much. I need some time to choose.

"Hang on a sec," I said shaking my head. "I can't think straight."

I looked at the pictures of Josh and Ashley. It was hard to watch.

Josh was my best friend since third grade and has stuck with me ever since.

Ashley was my best friend too. I actually had feelings for her but I had worried that she wouldn't feel the same for me.

I took a deep breath and I finally made up my mind on who I want to save.

"Ashley, I won't let you die!"

"Oh thank you," Ashley said in a shaky voice.

"Please no," Josh whimpered.

"This is insane!" Ashley shouted. "This is nuts! This isn't happening!"

I turned to the lever and and slowly began to work it.

"I see," the psycho said. "You've chosen to save Ashley."

"No Chris!" Josh shouted.

This was so painful to watch. The saw moved closer and closer to Josh. My mind felt numb.

"Why would you do this?" Josh shouted to me.

"This is madness!" I cried.

"What did I do?" Josh yelled.

Those words were followed by his screaming as the saw blade was even closer to him. This was going to be hard and rather sickening to watch.

In that instant, it happened. The saw blade pierced down Josh's lower body and blood spilt everywhere, lots of it on Ashley.

My stomach heaved but I had to hold back the vomit. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

After that, it was over. The saw blade was still running but it didn't move any further. I looked at his corpse. Josh's corpse.

Josh was dead.

My best friend. The guy who would call me Cochise, the guy who I was there for and who was there for me. Dead. Gone.

I went to the door and it finally opened. I was going to get Ashley out of here.

"Ash, please don't look," I said in a shaky voice.

"Let me see if he's okay, please?" Ashley cried.

I came to her and untied her from the plank and saw Josh's dead corpse. A ton of thoughts came running to my head as tears slowly fell down my eyes.

Only one thought really stuck out to me and knowing how much he loved her, how would Imigie take this?

"NO!" Ashley screamed as I shielded her eyes from Josh's corpse.

She and I walked out of the shed and ran down the path until we saw Matt and Emily coming.

"Blood?" Emily was baffled. "Who's blood is that Ash?"

"Josh," I sobbed.

"Josh what dude?" Matt asked.

"He's dead," I cried. "He died right in front of us. There's a maniac-"

"Oh my gosh," Emily panicked. "We need to get out of here."

"It was him or Ash and I didn't know what to do," I sobbed even more. "I killed him."

Ashley and I continued crying, mourning the loss of our friend.

"We seriously need to get some help," Emily insisted. "Mike and Jess are off 69ing each other and who knows where Sam is?"

"I think she's in the lodge," I said in a shaky voice. "I think Imigie might be in the lodge too."

Matt and Emily went off to go get some help while Ashley and I summoned our courage to head back to the lodge to find Sam and Imigie. I still didn't know how to tell Imigie what had happened to Josh. I hoped the psycho didn't get to her nor Sam either.

*Unknown POV*

My plan was going exactly how I wanted it to happen. Chris chose to save Ashley.

Now I had to go on my pursuit to Sam. Imigie was far too valuable that I would find her after Sam.

I looked at one monitor and saw Imigie in Hannah's room looking worried and trapped. Poor Imigie. She was all alone in there.

"You'll be next after Sam sweetheart," I whispered, caressing the TV monitor, pretending I was comforting her.

She was going to have to wait a little bit. I was now on my hunt for Sam. Now where could she be?

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