Deadly Choice

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*Chris's POV*

I woke up and grabbed the flashlight. My head hurt and I was sure I was hit by the mysterious man. I got up and went to get Ashley but then saw she was gone.

"Ashley?" I called.

No answer. This couldn't be good at all. The man must have taken her. The question was where did he take her?

I stopped when I saw what it appeared to be some blood and Ashley's wallet.

"Not good," I shuddered. "Not good at all."

I looked around the living room area of the lodge but had little success in finding her.

"Ash? Ash!"

There still wasn't a reply from her. I was getting worried. Where could she be?

I figured she was taken somewhere out of the lodge. I went outside in the bitter cold but I was determined to find Ashley. As far as I was concerned, saving her was first.

I wasn't too concerned about Sam and Imigie at the moment. Sam was taking a bath and I had no idea where Josh took Imigie. I was starting to get worried about Imigie because the last time I saw her was during the séance. I had to focus because Ashley was the first person I needed to save.

I continued to call her name but without any success. I stopped when I saw two paths. I went to the left first because I was sure I would find clues about what could have happened to Ashley.

I walked down the path until a scarecrow with a clown's face jumped up and scared me. I screamed when this happened.

I went behind the scarecrow clown and saw a pig's head and blood was on the ground.

"Oh shit, oh no," I shook my head.

Pig head? What on earth was going on! Determined to find Ashley, I walked away from the pig head and went to the other path and continued to walk. Strange sounds could be heard but I tried to not think about it.

I suddenly saw a shed dead ahead. This might be where Ashley is, and possibly Josh. I didn't think Imigie would be in there but Ashley was my priority at the moment.

I walked inside the shed and wanting to find out if she was in there or not, I called her name again. There where hooks and pigs and strange things in this place. What was going on here?


Ashley was in here! But who put her in here? And why was she in here?

"Ash!" I said. "I'm here. Tell me what happened.

"He tied me up!" she sobbed. "I can't get out!"

I continued to walk forward then I saw mannequins inside of this place. What on earth?

"Ash!" I cried. "I'll get you out of here!"

I walked to a window then the lights turned on. I jumped for a second then saw what truly happened.

There was Ashley and Josh tied to a wooden plank. Further from them was a machine with a saw blade. Please don't tell me this is happening!

"Chris!" Ashley cried. "Please help me out of here."

"Hello, and thank you for joining me," a dark menacing voice said. "We are gonna need the cooperation of our two test subjects. Joshua and Ashley. We're gonna need one more brave participant to choose which subject will live and which will die."

I shuddered at the voice as I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.

"Let me out you maniac!" Josh shouted.

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