Preference #1: Where you meet for thefirst time

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Scott: You met for the first lacrosse game of the season. When he saw you for the first time the ball was in his net. He was running for the goal to make the first score of the season. While he was running he stopped to stare at you. In the process he got sacked by Aiden. You were really woried, but your friend Allison tells u to stay and watch the game. You slipped out in the middle of the game to find him.You went in the mens lockerroom to find Scott.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

"Ya. It's just broken. I'm Scott by the way. Your (Y/N) right? Your pretty hot."

"Oh, I think you dropped this." You say. He opens it up to see your number.

"Ya. Your amazingly hot." Without any thought he pulls you in and kisses you.

"Oh Mr. Romeo! You have a game to watch!" Stiles says.Scott rolls his eyes and says, "I'll call you later!"

Stiles: It was a late night on the lacrosse field. Your bff Allison took you to the field because she needed to talk to Stiles, but she didn't want to go alone. Well apparently Stiles had the same idea because Scott walked in with him. All throughout Allison's conversation he was staring at you. You mouthed the words, "What's wrong with him?" To Scott. He answers by pointing at Stiles, then making the heart sign with his hand, then poiting at you.

"Oh." You answer.

When you leave with Allison Stiles comes up to you.

"Umm...(Y/N), I was kind of wondering if you would go out with me?"

"Stiles I would love that."

Isaac: You guys met at the library.

"Hey I love that book!" You turned around to see Isaac Lahey froM school.

" Ya, I just got it. Its good right?"

"Its much like my life a beauty and the beast type ending."

" You're no beast." You instantly say.

"You don't know me." He says. You study his feature as he leans in to kiss you. That jawline! As you kiss , you realise you have a crush on Isaac Lahey.

Derek: How could looking for Scott turn into this? You were hanging out with your cousin Scott and he just ran into the woods. Now you've been looking for him for 2 hours and it was starting to get late

"Scott? Come on quit playing games." You saw Aiden coming out of the bushes and freeze. You tried to run, but he grabbed your shoulder and slashed your back. Then you fell on your knees, you managed to stay up but he slashed your back again so you fell on your stomach.As you screamed you heard him laugh.

"Die for all I care, no one cares about you. You're just a stupid human girl!" Out of the corner of your eye you see a man punch Aiden.

"I care about her!" He picked you up and started to hold your hand. You could feel the pain going away, but it was still too much pain to move or speak. Plus, blood was soaking the back of your t-shirt.

"I know, who you are, your Scott's cousin, (Y/N). I'm Derek." He started to cry. "Please don't die on me (Y/N). Your too pretty and sweet." He started to sob as he carried you. What was killing you is you couldn't say anything.


Hey guys its L I just want to let you know that Derek's will be continued in the next preference, And there will be no stiles preference in the next one. You'll see y when I post the next part;)

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