I smile at her. 'Remind me not to mess with you, Rebecca.' I chuck and start to eat my breakfast. Ruby laughed and bum her shoulder at mine. "I'm not strong and fast like you, Selyen. You really challenge me, you know." She playfully make a angry face. "Now I have to catch up to be at the same level as you."

I shrug and chucks. 'Sorry. But I'm pretty sure you're good at something else. '

Ruby shrug with a secret smile on her face.

Once we ate our breakfast, we got out from the pack house and I follow Ruby as she lead us to our training site. I saw a building, size like a hall filled with children and teenagers. I crook my head. I didn't saw them yesterday.

Ruby must have caught my confuse look. "It's Monday; school time."

Oh. Wow. I connects our hands and ask, 'Who's the teachers?'

"We got some elders who have lived among the human world to teach them and then there's Sir Alex and Lady Hart." She explained.

'Alex?' It's funny to imagine him teaching those kids.

Ruby chucks. "I know right. He's teaching History while Veronica teach Chemistry, of course. Wait. How did you know them?" She asked and look at me.

'We have a little chit chat last night.' I said.

"Alpha introduce you to them?" She asked, half surprise.

I shrug. 'Something like that.' I answer and saw her smile a little. I don't know why she smiled and look relief.

With my hand connects with Ruby's, she guide us through the sea of children and teenagers. Most of them eyed me suspiciously and some stare at me with curiosity than fear.

"Aunty Rubyyyyy!!!"

I watch as a 7 years old little girl ran and hug Ruby's legs. Ruby laughs and pat the girl's blonde hair. "Hey, my little kitty Kate."

The girl, Kate looked up at Ruby with her cute innocent eyes. "You didn't come and play with me last night." She pouts. Ruby bend forward and kiss her checks. "Baby Kate, I was on duty sweetheart. I'll come again when you finished school, okay?"

That makes Kate beamed happily. "Yay! Yay! Yay!" She jumped and cheers a few times. Ruby chucks while I stare this kid's happiness. She stopped suddenly and noticed me. "Aunty Ruby, who is she?" She asks without looking away from me. "She smell different." She's too adorable with those light green eyes.

"Oh that's Selyen. She's our guest." Ruby said shortly.

"She's so pretty." She said as she slowly took a few steps towards me and stare at me with her wide green eyes. I smile back and and wave a hi. She gave out a gasp when she's just 2 foot away from me. "You smile like an angel."

Oh goddess she's so adorable. I shook my head and went on my knee in front of her. I point a finger at myself and shook my head a few time. Then I point at her and nod my head. I hope she understand.

She crook her head. "Why can't you speak, Selween?" She asked innocently. I smile again and just shook my head. Ruby touched her tiny shoulder. "Honey, Selyen can't talk."

Kate look up at her. "You mean she doesn't know how to talk? We can go to class together?"

I chuck and Ruby smiled warmly at her. "She got training to do, kiddo. Now you better get inside before Mr. Spencer see you."

"Okay." She ran away but glance back to wave at me. "Bye angel Selween!"

I chuck. If she saw the scars on my body, I think she call me slave right away. If she knew the burning fury inside me, I bet she'll call me the demon.

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