Chapter. 12

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Logan is taking me to the Pack Doctor today, just ro make sure everything is going well. I have to say I'm nervous, because it's rare that an Alpha and male mate to conceive a pup. Logan knew the risk that I was doing, I wanted to go full term, but he thinks I won't make it, so he wants me to deliver early. Now I have to decide c-section or natural, I'm thinking natural.

"Connor come on, let's go see our pup." He said holding out his hand, I grabbed it and got out, walking with him into the building. Everyone who noticed us bowed when they realized it was there Alpha, we got to front desk the nurse looking up and saw Logan and me, she was smiling.

"Connor Ross, here for his check up with Dr. Ashton." She said politely and we nodded, she took us to the room. She left and said he'll be here soon, and I tried to get on the table and I couldn't, I felt Logan grab my waist lifting me up and on the table. He took the seat next to me holding my hand squeezing a little, I looked over at him.

"Are you okay Logan?" I asked rubbing circles in our entwined hands.

"Yeah, I just want to know how he's doing." He said using his free hand and putting it on my stomach rubbing up and down. Their was a knock on the door and Dr. Ashton came in and smiled at me and Logan, quickly bowing his head insight of the Alpha.

"You must be Connor Ross? It's a honor to get to deliver your pup." He said plugging the machine up. I nodded and smiled.

"Okay what I need you to do is lift your shirt up, past you stomach." He said nicely. Logan pulled it up because his hand was already on my stomach. Ashton put some cold gel and I shivered, but when he as rolling the ultrasound around Logan and my eyes were locked to the screen. He stopped right below my ribcage and we saw a little body, I started to tear up.

"Is it a boy?" Logan asked looking at the screen then to the doctor.

"Yes it is, I'm going to print out a photo of him." He said wiping me off and walked out the door. Logan brought his lips to mine and smiled kissing the breath out of me, he pulled back and helped me get off. Dr. Ashton came in and headed both of us a photo of our baby boy and we walked out to the car, out of nowhere a wolf growls.

"Connor go get in the car and wait for me." Logan said looking around the almost empty parking lot. I got into the car resting my head on the seat, and I felt a hand on my throat.

"Don't scream little one." The dark voice said and I nodded, he slowly opened his door and then mine. I looked around quickly and noticed Logan looking around, I whimpered and Logan's head snapped to me and the guy, he growled, the guy didn't care pulled me along side him and bolted.

"Connor!" Logan yelled and I just whimpered.

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