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"No no no no." He said as he shook her and the police were on there way.

"WAKE UP DANI!" He said crying hard. Carrie ran up to them full speed and stopped at Dani she cried and cried seeing Dani laying there. Unconscious looking almost dead. They've been through a lot together.

" She needed a way better family then us. She got hurt badly 3 times. I just don't get how a train can hit her and she's a survivor but when a car hits her she's gone. Just like that. Just. like. that. I feel that we weren't the perfect family for her but that we were the best family and perfect family in her eyes." Carrie said on a news shooting. Tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I understand. Now Chris how do you feel about it?" The news lady Linda asked.

"I feel the same. But I feel like we were the best family. There were 3 hurts she went through. Shot,train,c-c-ar but there were more good moments than bad moments you know?" Chris said

The reporter and Carrie nodded.

"I'm sad that she's out of our lives but I'm happy she's in a better place." Chris said tears also rolling down his cheeks. Chris and Carrie had everyone crying on camera and behind even people watching.

"I just love how strong you guys are. Not afraid to cry or tell the story on camera. Not afraid of anything or anyone. And don't care what anyone thinks." The reporter then said.

The Next Morning

☁Chris' dream☁

Adoption center


Chris:We wanted to know what children you have available

Lady:*looks up and pushes up glasses* We only have a one year old girl she can walk and talk she was left on the streets really. Infront of a club! So... CHRIS BROWNNN!

Chris:*smiles* Wassup

Lady:Sign my arm please

Chris:*signs the arm* Ok may you bring her out

Lady:Yes yes I will

She came back with a really really cute little girl she had on some shorts with a Dora shirt we were gonna change that!

Yn:Hi *squats down* Im Yn I'm gonna be your new mommy

Girl:Who's him?

Chris:I'm Chris Brown

Girl:Arn't you famous?

Chris:Yea but I'm gonna be your new daddy


Lady:Ok you guys can go

Car Ride

Yn:So what's your name baby doll

Girl:I d-don't have one mommy

Yn:*smiles* She called me mommy!

Girl:Can you give me a name mommy and daddy I really want one

Yn:Ok how about Danielle

Danielle:Yes! That's cute Thankyou mommy

When we got to the mall we let her get some new clothes from Baby Gap then we went to get her some new Jordan's then she got some converses. We got home and Mindless Behavior rang on the door bell.

🌸Carrie's Dream🌸

Chris:*gettin Cj out his seat*

Dani:*knocks on the door*

I went and got the door.

Carrie:Hi sweetie!

Dani:Hi! Mommy

She ran and hugged me. Man did I miss them Chris walked up to me and handed me Cj.

➰Back to reality➰

Cj:*walks into your room* Mommy Daddy.

Carrie:*wakes up* Yes baby?


Chris:*wakes up* Hmm?

Cj:Where's sissy?

Carrie:Ummm...She Umm well.


(He's only 1)

Cj:*crys* Why the car do that?

Carrie & Chris:*crys*

Chris:I don't know Cj

Cj:*rubs eyes* I want pancakes.

Chris & Carrie:*laughs and smiles* She loved that on Saturday mornings.

Cj:*nods and runs to the cooking lady downstairs*

Carrie:My dream was when we weren't together and I finally saw her before Disneyland.

Chris:Mines when we adopted her.

Carrie:Strong one.


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