I ran around the streets. It has been 2 days since Zoom took Barry. I needed to find him. I ran in S.T.A.R labs. I hit a table making it to break. Cisco came in. He came up to me and hugged me. I was going to hit him but instead I started crying. I put my head on his shoulder. "We're going to find Barry" Cisco said. Then I felt another arms wrap around me. I turned my head and saw Harry. "I have an idea... but it might be to risky" I said after a few moments. We all parted. "What's the plan?" Harry asked. "We need help".

I knocked on the West door. It opened and I saw my doppelganger. "What the?!" Skyem.. my doppelganger said. "I need your help" I said. She let me in and I sat on the couch. Then Barry.... Barry's doppelganger came in. "Um...." he looked at both of us  confused. "What is going on?" Barry's doppelganger said. "I'll tell you I just need you guys to come with me" I said. They looked at eachother then at me. "We don't have a choice do we?" Barry asked. "Nope" I said. I grapped them and brought them to S.T.A.R labs. "Ahh!!" Barry screamed. He fell on the ground. Skye... my doppelganger kneeled down next to him. "What do you want with us?" my doppelganger asked. "Okay um..... I'm from a different Earth and I'm The Dash there. And my Barry is The Flash and Zoom is trying to kill us. And he took Barry and I need your help getting him back" I blurted out. Their mouths were open. Then Cisco and Harry came in and my doppelganger jumped on Cisco. "Reverb" my doppelganger said. "Ahh!!!! Help!!!!" Cisco screamed. I pulled her off of Cisco. "What was that all about?!" I asked. "He's an enemy!" my doppelganger said. "This is Cisco from Earth 1" I said. "Wait my doppelganger is an enemy?" Cisco asked. "Yes his name is Reverb. He works with Zoom" Barry's doppelganger said. "Great are all of our doppelgangers enemies?" Cisco asked. "We don't have much time" I said.

Cisco grabbed a gun and I grabbed a sword. "Do you know how to use it?" Cisco asked. I put it towards his face. "You questioning me?" I asked. He put
his hands up. "No... I will be over there.... crying" Cisco said. "Great she does it too" Barry's doppelganger said. My doppelganger came up to me. "You and your Barry. Are you guys married?" My doppelganger asked. "Um... no... we are just dating" I said. "Do you want to marry him?" My doppelganger asked. "Well.... I love him yes.... I mean I hope he proposes.... I don't know" I said. "You want him to propose?" I heard someone ask. I turned and saw Cisco, Harry, and Barry's doppelganger. "Yes... don't tell him" I said. I pointed the sword at them and they all flinched. Even Harry. "I'm awesome" my doppelganger said. I laughed. "Okay we have to find Barry" I said. "How will we know how to get there?" Barry asked. "I know someone" I said.

I walked in the particle accelerator. Where we were keeping Caitlin.... I mean Killer Frost. "Okay you have two options.... you can take us to Zoom's lair and we will let you go.... or you can take us to Zoom's lair and you will be put back down here and this will be the last place you see.... your choice" I said. "You don't scare me" Killer Frost said. I drawed my sword. I opened her cell. I grabbed her and put the sword to her neck. "Do I scare you know?" I asked. "Zoom will kill me...." Killer Frost said. "I won't let that happen" I said. I put my sword down and she looked confused. "I don't trust you.... but Barry.... my boyfriend is in trouble.... I know you know how that feels.... Ronnie" I said. She looked at me... with sadness in her eyes. "Zoom took him from you.... he wouldn't follow orders and he killed him.... don't let him kill anyone else.... not Barry our Jesse" I said. "I'll do it.... for Ronnie" Killer Frost said.

We were walking to ascension cliffs. That was where Zoom's lair was. Skye and Barry walked up to me. "Can I ask you something?" Skye... my doppelganger asked. "You just did" I said. Barry laughed. "On Earth 1 how did you learn to fight?" My doppelganger asked. "I started training after...... my mom and dad died..... I wanted to find the person that hurt them and be ready.... I took boxing lessons.... and street fighting lessons. Then I got my powers and I trained with the Green Arrow. Then I was a pro at fighting, sneaking up on people, and camouflage" I said. Then I turned around and punched a person that was sneaking up on me. "Ow... my nose" it was Barry's doppelganger. "Don't do that?! You were this close to dying" I said. "Yeah I'll remember that next time" Barry's doppelganger said. Killer Frost started laughing. We kept walking. Then we got to this bridge thingy. "Zoom's lair is up there?" Barry's doppelganger asked. "Yep" Killer Frost said. "I'm terrified of heights" me and my doppelganger said at the same time. Then Killer Frost started making a ice thingy. When she was finished she looked at us. "You coming?".

We were walking around his lair.  Then I saw a cell and saw Barry and Zoom. Zoom had Barry by the throat. Then the next thing that happened became a blur. I was running so fast I hazed thru the glass punched Zoom grabbed Barry and pulled him out. Then hit Killer Frost on accident making ice come out her mouth and hit the glass making it freeze. Harry got Jesse and we ran but Killer Frost stayed behind freezing Zoom letting us escape. We went to S.T.A.R labs and I looked at my doppelganger. "You have to go somewhere safe" I told her. "Okay" my doppelganger said. "Harry, Jesse you have to come to Earth 1. If you stay here Zoom will kill you" I said. Barry and I grabbed Cisco and Jesse and brought them threw the portal. "I'll get Harry" I said. I went back to get Harry and saw Zoom holding him. I drew my sword. Zoom let go of Harry. "Run" I told Harry. He ran threw the portal. I circled around Zoom. "To bad I have to kill you" Zoom said. Then in fast motion I stabbed his leg took the sword out and ran threw the portal. I ran in Barry's arms. Just as we were closing the portal a hand went threw Jay's chest. "Jay!!!" Caitlin screamed. Then he got pulled into the portal then the portal closed. "Jay!!!" Caitlin screamed. Caitlin fell on the ground crying. "Zoom.... killed Jay" I breathed.
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