Chapter Eleven

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Cara's POV
Yesterday Cameron said I have to start school in a week. Today was his 21st birthday but he doesn't get celebrate it because of the tour. I decided to wake up early with grandma Gina and aunt Sierra to get him breakfast in bed. We just came back from the store and I bought him a Reese blizzard instead. I jumped on the bed and he woke up with a big smile, but still looked tired. "Happy birthday!", we all sang to him and I kissed his forehead before rolling off the bed. He laughed as he opened his presents. Sierra and grandma Gina got him a watch, perfume, and some shirts. While everyone was distracted, I pulled out my present from under the bed and handed it to him as he ate his blizzard. He gave me a confused look and opened it slowly. I saw his eyes start to water when he saw the picture frame with us in it. On the left side it was the first time we met, and on the right side it was a picture we took yesterday. "I.. I don't know what to say. It's beautiful", he said struggling with words. I walked up to him and gave him a long hug. At the same time we whispered," I love you", then laughed. Somewhere in the hug, Sierra and Gina left downstairs to everyone else. I jumped on Cameron's back and we went downstairs too. I was wearing something a little more different than the usual today. I had a black crop top on, a pale pink skirt with a belt, and white slip-ons that had rhinestones. Everyone said happy birthday to Cameron when we went downstairs but Jacob was too busy staring me down which made me blush. He walked up to me and said, "You look so beautiful", which made me blush harder. Before I could say thank you, Cameron came and dragged me to the kitchen with him. I heard the moms laugh in the living room at Cameron's over-protective state. I sat on a stool and he stood across the counter staring at me. "What?", I said after staring him down for two minutes. "What?! He likes you!" I didn't deny it and just smiled looking down. "Soooo... Do you like him back?" Cameron eagerly asked. I honestly think I do, but don't want to date him and ruin our friendship."Oh ok. Your one smart person", he said in his country accent. I cringed and said," Did I say that out loud?" He laughed and grabbed our coats before saying,"It's okay, you can tell me anything. Let's go get ready for the show now", I ran behind him and we made our way to a waiting car outside. I checked my apps because I haven't been on my iPad all morning and saw that I was tagged in a photo on Instagram by lots of people. When I clicked on it, I saw a picture of Cameron and this girl kissing which made me confused and a little sad he didn't tell me he was seeing someone. I pressed on the girls name that was tagged and went through her pictures finding out that her name was Rachel Bentley. There were hashtags of their ship names and videos everywhere. One caught my eye that was apparently taken the day that I found the adoption papers. It was of Rachel walking out of our apartment back in Chino Hills. How could I trust Cameron if he doesn't trust me? I was staring out the window for the rest of the ride and not talking. "Cara what's wrong? You haven't talked this whole car ride", Cameron asked me with a soft tone as we pulled up to the building. I just shook my head as we got out of the car surrounded by security guards. Everyone was throwing questions at us and papers, literally. One question made me stop in my tracks and quickly look at Cameron. "What do you think about Cameron and Rachel, Cara?" I turned to the person and said, "I don't plan on answering that until Cameron tells me about Rachel", then ran inside with Cameron on my tail. "Is that why your mad? Oh my gosh Cara I don't care about her, that's why I didn't tell you?" He said with annoyance traced in his voice. I just nodded my head with my back facing him. "Maybe I shouldn't have adopted you if you care about my love life that much!" He shouted. My heart stopped and I turned around with watery eyes. "C-Cara I didn't mean tha-" he started to say but I ran to the stalls and locked it. I wanted to go back home. I wanted to go ask to Andrea and Kian and everyone. I heard the bathroom door open and Cameron's footsteps coming closer. "Cara?" He asked but I didn't answer and just continued to cry. The door opened again and I guessed that he was gone so I opened the stall. I tried to close it really fast when I saw him standing there, but he put his foot in the way. He hugged me and started to say how sorry he was and I just pretended that I forgave him. When we went into the place where Magcon was gonna start, I sat backstage while everyone got ready. Jacob and Cameron kept on telling me to come on stage with them but I refused to because I still felt like crying. A couple minutes after it started, I decided to FaceTime Andrea because why not. We were talking and I asked her who is Rachel. "Why do you want to know? Did Cameron tell you about her or-", I cut her off by saying," I found out about her through Instagram because she was apparently at the apartment the night that he adopted me". She saturated to make an annoyed face and answered my question."She was there because he had to get evaluated before adopting you and we checked the house to make sure everything was right." I asked," Wait, you were there?" She continued and replied," She dragged me down with her because Cameron doesn't like even looking at her anymore." By now I felt a little bad but my mind changed when I saw lots of notifications popping up. I told Andrea to hold on and I pressed on one really quick. It was a video that I'm guessing a fan took of the argument me and Cameron had in the lobby when he said he shouldn't of adopted me. I started to cry quietly just from the memory before I went back to the FaceTime with Andrea. "What happened?" She asked which made me cry harder. " In the lobby earlier, C-Cameron said that he sh-shouldn't have adopted me and I don't feel loved anymore", I said struggling with speaking while crying. "I think you should come stay with me for a little until things are better", she suggested. She hung up the FaceTime and I heard a phone ring. I saw in the corner that Cameron was standing there with a sad look before he answered the phone call. Taylor came up to me during their break and told me he was gonna help me pack my things at the hotel. I walked up to Cameron who was talking with Jacob and he turned around and frowned. I quickly mumbled a bye before I could cry again.
*At the airport*
I saw Andrea and ran up to her, hugging her tight. The drive to her house was quiet but she knew I didn't want to speak. When we got there, I went straight to the guest room to sleep and got a message when I was falling asleep. I looked and saw it was from Cameron
Cameron: Good night beautiful and I'm sorry for earlier.
I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say. Eventually I fell asleep with a lot on my mind.

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