Chapter 28

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“Wait, Lord Harry, please; the King said he doesn’t want to be disturbed!” The guard protested as Harry pushed passed him and stomped into the King’s bedroom.

“Well, this is important, if he says anything I’ll take the full blame.” Harry grumbled before rushing over the King’s bedroom doors and pushed them open so fast that the papers in his hand almost flew away from the sudden force. “Zayn, we need to start checking the secret passage ways right away, the guard had spent the entire night checking the Royal City and found nothing, I think Eth”- Harry stopped.

Have you ever wished that you could unseen something?

Ever found out about something that killed you inside but had to pretend that you don’t even care or even happy about it?

It’s always hard feeling something for someone that you can’t have, especially when that someone belongs to the King, belonged to your best friend and maker.

Harry always knew that the possibilities of Zayn and Evelyn being together were strong, since Zayn was the only guy whom she could ever love without sending him on a death sentence. But Harry still had no control over how he felt about her.

It doesn’t matter how much he tried to, he couldn’t get her out of his mind and heart.

As much as he tried to deny it, Harry felt something special for Evelyn; that had suddenly became clear to him when he walked into Zayn’s room the morning after Ethan’s escape.

“E-Evelyn.” The name left Harry’s mouth out of shock and pain as he stared at the scene before him.

She was peacefully asleep, looking beautiful as ever under the covers, but in Zayn’s bed.

“Shh, don’t wake her.” Harry heard the familiar voice coming from the side of the room as Zayn walked in wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, his muscular, tanned body covered in water droplets of condensation from the shower that he just took.

“W-What happened?” Harry whispered.

“Nothing,” Zayn smiled, patted Harry’s shoulder and nodded at the pieces of paper in his hand. “What are they?”

“This is the map of the Palace, we checked the whole perimeter of gardens and every building within the Palace walls, but we found nothing, not a single trace of clue was left by Ethan… I reckon either he had escaped out into the Royal City or he’s hiding somewhere in the secret passage ways.”

Zayn frowned. “That’s impossible, nobody leaves or enter the palace without my permission, Ethan wouldn’t be able to escape even if he could fly… he must still be in the Palace somewhere, you guys haven’t just been looking thorough enough.”

Harry’s eyes glanced over to Evelyn's sleeping form for a moment before turning his full attention to his King, as he spoke; he kept his voice so low that he knew it would be impossible for a human to hear him even if they were standing next to him. “Jonah and I had the whole of the Royal Guards out searching for that human yesterday and last night and found nothing. No trace of footprint of anything was left by him… It’s like he disappeared into thin air. We had our best hunter out looking last night as well, and even he couldn’t tell where Ethan had gone…”

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