Chapter 1

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They make me sick. Well not really. But it's disgusting to watch couple hugging and kissing right in front of you.

"Guys cut it out" I said and Liya and Carlos sat up

"Oh hey Nick." Liya said blushing a little

"Hey Liya" I said and sat down on a sofa

"Nick. When are you going to go to office. You know you need to go now" Carlos said and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm going at 8 and it's only 7.45 and I'm ready. Why are you guys awake" I asked and looked at them

"Couldn't sleep with this" Liya said pointing to her stomach.

"You look like a whale" I said and she looked down

"Do I really look fat Carlos" she said looking at Carlos

"No Rose. You look fine baby. He is just being an ass. Now go to office Nick" Carlos said narrowing his eyes at me and I sighed

"See you later. I won't be back for lunch" I said and grabbed my brief case and walked out the door to my black SUV which was already started and the driver opened my door.

"To the office" I said and he nodded

"Yes sir" he said and started driving.

My name is Nick Daniel. Twin of Luke Daniel and i'm 22 years old. There isn't much to say about me really.

Liya is pregnant again. She has a son called Carter and he is 1 years old. Luke is engaged to his girlfriend of 8 years, Nicki. And Cristian, well he is married and has 2 kids, Vanessa and Kyle.

And me, I'm alone and I prefer it this way.

"Sir where here" the driver said and I nodded

I got out the car and walked inside just as Stacy, my old assistant walked to me

"Good morning Mr Daniel. All the people are here for the interviews. Would you like to see them now or at 9" she said as I got into my elevator

"At 9. Thank you Stacy" I said and she nodded as the doors closed.

At 9 I have interviews for my personal assistant. I need a new assistant because the old one, I fucked her once and she's thinks she's my girlfriend now.

I just reached my office on the top floor when my phone rang and it was carlos.

Me: i'm here

C: Liya is giving birth. Come to the hospital

Me: okay I said and hung up.

I ran back downstairs ignoring all the stares and sat in the car just as the driver came out.
I started driving to the hospital.

The reason why I am hurrying is because Liya wanted everyone to be there for her daughter's birth. For carter's birth it was only me and Luke who were there. And I want to be there for all my nephew and nieces birth.

I parked the car outside and ran in side to see Ashley, Cristian's wife.

"Oh your here. Come on" she said and I followed her to the maternity wards and went to ward 6 where everyone was waiting outside.

"Oh your here Nick. Carlos said to wait outside" luke said and I nodded and leaned on the wall.

Carlos gave me the business because he wanted to spend more time with his family. I am the CEO of Daniel's business. Carlos still works as well but he just comes at random times or either works at home. Luke works as well but he works at home like Carlos.

They all want to spend time with their families. Luke will be getting married in a month.
Everyone is getting married and mom is worried about me. She says that I shouldn't waste my time and get settled down in a relationship.
Never doing that again.

"Hey Nick come on" Luke said and I looked to see everyone was walking into the ward. I followed them to see Liya sat on the bed with a baby girl in her hands.

"Omg she is so cute" Ashley and Nicki said and walked closer and I rolled my eyes.

Everyone went closer to look at the baby and I leaned on the wall just staring out the window.

"Don't you ever want kids" mom said quietly at me and I looked at her

"What" I said confused and she sighed

"Don't you want to settle down and have a family." She said and I sighed

"Mom. Not this again please." I said and she shook her head

"You should forget about the past nick. Move on. Everyone is not like..." she said but I cut her off

"Don't mom. I'm here because Liya wanted me. And now that's over i'm going. Bye" I said and walked out ignoring moms calls.

I sat in my car and drove back to the office.
Fucking interview I thought driving
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