18: Homecomings and Hallelujahs

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Homecomings and Hallelujahs


                  "WHEN THE MOON fell in love with the sun, all was golden in the sky. All was golden when the day met the night."

                  Louis gave up trying to keep his eyes open. He felt one of his earbuds slipping out, but he just couldn't bring himself to put forth the effort to fix it. Lottie had gone to bed an hour ago now, and he had nothing else to keep him occupied; he's watched every movie he owns dozens of times, read every book on every shelf in his room, and ran out of inspiration to write before the lads had even gone. All he had left was a playlist Zayn made for him on Spotify two years ago that he never listened to because he hated Zayn's taste in music.

                  However, he's been pleasantly surprised by the playlist's contents thus far. This song, in particular, was lulling him into a peaceful sleep.

                  "When the sun found the moon, she was drinking tea in a garden under the green umbrella trees in the middle of the summer."

                  Louis smiled, tilting his head to rest on the sofa pillow. He liked the lyrics. More like peppermint hot chocolate, he thought.

                  "When the moon found the sun, he looked like he was barely hanging on, but her eyes saved his life in the middle of summer."

                  Begrudgingly, Louis peeked open an eye to check both the time and what song was playing. But he had a message and two missed calls.

                  Louis? Why aren't you answering the door? Are you okay? Are you sleeping?

                  As soon as he finished reading it, he jolted upright and received a second text.

                  I'm worried, please just let me know you're alright and I can always come back in the morning. I know it's late, I understand, I just want to make sure you're alright.

                  Louis tossed his headphones and phone to the side and darted as quickly and quietly as he could to the door. He flipped the dead bolt and yanked it open to find a distressed Harry anxiously typing on his phone. The poet's eyes flicked up to Louis' and softened with relief.

                  "Louis," he breathed, tucking his phone into his pocket and pressing a hand to his chest. "I'm sorry if I woke you, I was just really worried – "

                  "Get in here, you late idiot. What the hell took so long?"

                  Harry began unwrapping his scarf and unbuttoning his jacket as he stepped into the flat. "There was really bad weather and the train was delayed. I'm so sorry – you shouldn't have waited up. I could have come over in the morning or after school." His face lit up as Louis took his things. "Or I could visit you at work! We could have lunch together."

                  Louis chuckled and draped everything over a stool in the kitchen. He heard Harry follow him and went straight to work preparing the hot chocolate.

                  "Could you spike that actually? Long last couple of days."

                  Louis' brow jerked upwards. "Alright. Want to talk more about it? You didn't say too much on the phone, although that was probably partly my fault."

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