•Chapter 6•

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Jack's POV:

it had been 3 months now since Mark and Yami broke up. no one ever really talks to Yami anymore except for Felix, but he said he only talked to him every so often, but he never really hangs out with him because Yami was always too busy hanging out with the friends he has at his school. Yami just kind of disappeared, and everyone was fine with it. i guess we all were over trying to help him.

it seemed like Mark was pretty happy to be single again, i could tell he wasn't completely over Yami yet. but of course, selfish me wanted him to get over Yami so he could date me. at this point i had given up on all the boys in the school, and i only had my eyes on Mark, he is back on the market after all.

Mark and i are still very close, but i've heard a lot of rumors floating around that ever since the whole break up, Mark has been "fooling around" if you know what i mean (at dances boys would be grinding on him, he would just randomly make out with guys. it's strange). i've also heard he's been smoking weed to "ease the pain of heart break" as someone i know had told me. of course, i didn't believe it, because it's Mark, i don't think he would do that, he would have told me and i would have helped.

anyway, a lot was going on since we all had quite a lot of free time.

it was Ken's birthday and we all had a slumber party at his MASSIVE home! we all were waiting for Mark to arrive so we had a mini dance party while we waited. Felix and Marzia danced together, Felix was dancing like a maniac while Marzia was trying to act normal. Ken and Mary were cuddling on the couch. Cry would breakdance every time a rap song came on. and i would just go with the flow, even though i can't dance for shit, i danced anyway! i thought i had some sweet moves.

we heard a knock on the door, and Ken's 2 dogs ran to the door, barking at Mark who was in the doorway. he pets the dogs in attempt to calm them down, but for some reason they wouldn't stop barking at him and following him. he sets down his bag next to the couch, and the all the dogs did for the whole night was sniff it. weird.

"Mark you okay man? my dogs are going nuts! they don't usually act like this..." Mark got a bit shifty.

"sorry, probably because i saw a neighbor's dog following and played with them for a bit. they probably smell the other dog!" Ken narrowed his eyes a bit, the rest of us stood there. straight faced.

".... okay! let's continue to party!" for the rest of the night we danced to some music and talked about our horrible experiences with teachers. we ate pizza like there was no tomorrow. the last thing we did was at mid-night. we all decided to watch Dead Silence. Mark sat next to me on the couch, he had a good grip on my arm even though i was more scared than he was! we both held on to each other for the whole movie.

"can you two just fuck already?" Felix said with an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.

"Felix really?" Cry said trying not to laugh.

realizing we were cuddled next to each other, we pushed each other off and blushed nervously. it was still pretty recent that Mark broke up with Yami, and i don't think he's ready for a new relationship yet. i can just kinda tell. Mark laughs nervously and scratches the back of his neck, revealing his V line and his faint abs. i was as red as a tomato and everyone could tell i was flustered, they all giggled.

after the movie, Marzia and Mary had to go home, and we all said good bye and went to sleep in the living room. Ken snored loudly, Cry was curled up in a ball, Felix was a shifty sleeper, me and Mark however, were still awake, staring at the ceiling. he sits up and turns towards me. and i already knew what was bothering him.

"Jack, will the pain ever go away? it still hurts and i just want it to stop."

"i don't know Mark. you need to find ways to heal yourself, everything is up to you."

"i just wish it would go away already, i know it happened 4 months ago, but it's still haunting me."

"seeing you like that, it replays every time i see you, and it hurts me. i don't want to see you like that."

"Jack, you'll always be there for me right?"

"i promised since 6th grade, i'm not throwing that all away like Yami did with your heart."

"thanks Jack."  we sat there in silence for a few seconds.

"hey Jack?"

"yeah Mark?"

"c-can you sleep next to me tonight?"

"of course Mark." i didn't question, i pick up my sleeping bag and place it down next to him and lay down. he wraps his arms around me, after that we both fell asleep.

~the next morning~

the smell of bacon and eggs filled the room, along with what smelt like... sharpie? i still feel Mark's arms wrapped around me.

"morning dick head!" Felix said sitting in front of me eating his breakfast.

"why'd you call me that? i haven't even done anything to you!"

"you haven't done anything but someone sure did do something to you!" what. the. fuck? i look over at Mark and see he has 'douche-bag' written on his fore head in sharpie. my eyes grow wide. i break free from Mark's arms and i run to the bathroom. sure enough.

"THERE IS A FOOKING DICK ON MY FORE HEAD!" i yell from the bathroom, as soon as i yelled, i heard laughter fill the living room. i try to wash it off, but the ink isn't budging. i went back into the living room with a faint dick drawn on my forehead. Mark wakes up and sits up looking at me groggily and laughs at me.

"yeh, laugh all you want Mark, at least i'm not a douche bag." Mark's smile quickly fades away, he stumbles but gets up and runs to the bathroom, realizing what i meant.

"I AM NOT A DOUCHE-BAG." he comes out of the bathroom with a very big frown. you can faintly see the word 'douche-bag' on his forehead, making us burst into laughter.

the dogs had managed to get into Mark's over night bag, and they brought out a strange canister, and walk over to me with it encased in it's gentle jaws. it was a mint box labeled ALTOIDS (this is a mint brand).

"oh hey, watch you got there little pupper?" everyone was busy laughing, i kneeled down and grabbed the tin out of the dog's mouth.

"oh hey! mints!" out of the corner of my eye i see Mark's eyes widen. before he could stop me i had already opened the box. and it wasn't mints. i look up at Mark, like i had been betrayed.

"M-Mark... what? w-why the fook do you have this??" i boiled in anger. i closed it and threw the container at him, grabbed all my things and stormed out of the house. i got a glimpse of everyone before they left, and they all were in shock. this explained why the dogs were acting differently around Mark, and it wasn't a dog they smelled. i left without a word and hurried on home.

i ran home and locked myself in my room. the calls wouldn't stop rolling in from Mark, i ignored them all. i didn't want to talk to a hypocrite. finally i got a text.

Mark: dude what was that for?

Jack: you sure as HELL know why i'm pissed.

Mark: it's not mine! i promise!

Jack: how can i be so sure? huh? are you gonna end up just like YAMI? a boy who has nothing better to do than smoke his brains out??

Mark: Jack, please don't be angry

Jack: so that weed is yours. i'm sick and disgusted Mark. i was there for you. i cared for you, just to find out you didn't care. i thought you were better than this, Yami has changed you.

Mark: Jack, i admit, it is mine. it was the only way to feel like myself again.

Jack: and what are you gonna do when it stops working Mark? move on to the next drug? this shit can KILL YOU if you use enough of it, but it seems like you don't care anyway.

Mark: Jack, i'm sorry. please.

i didn't bother to answer, i was too angry.

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