Chapter 1 : He's my Neighbor

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You were back from America few days ago and decided to live in Japan for few years without your parents. You are not really confused to live by yourself, after all, you usually alone when you were in America because your parents always busy with their works. As a girl, you could do anything like cooking, cleaning, and other stuffs to do.

You are strolling in the street outside your new house, the house that your father bought for you to live in Japan. It's been years when you lived in Japan before moving to America. Your beloved homeland, you really miss Japan so much.

You weren't really focus on your surrounding, until you bumped into something, more like someone. You are looking at who you bumped with. Oh my, you bumped with a light blue haired boy who have a pair of beautiful light blue eyes. He still wearing uniform, at this evening. From what you feel, his presence was so thin that somehow the reason why you bumped really hard into him.

"Hello," he said with emotionless face.

"H-hello, I-i'm sorry for what happened awhile ago. Anyway, I'm [First Name] [Last Name]," your heart rushes a bit when you staring at him.

"It's okay. I'm Tetsuya Kuroko. You're look a like stranger to me"

"I just back from America few days ago. I still need to do an adaptation and make friends too," you said while pouting at the boy named Kuroko Tetsuya.

"Do you want me to introduce you about this place?" knowing what Kuroko offered to you, it's like you will gonna bothering him a lot.

"It's okay. It's already late in the evening. I might be ended up giving you a lot troubles"

"Oh. How about go home together, [Last Name]-san?" he offered again.

"U-uh, sure," your heart rushes again, you just answered him constantly.

You walked side-to-side with Kuroko, without holding hands each other. Everything feels into a deep awkward silent. Then, you looked at his face, he seems a little tired. He stopped, and you followed him to stop walking too. You and Kuroko approximately stop in front of a house.

"I'm sorry, [Last Name]-san. We arrived in front of my house. I must take my leave now," Kuroko bowed at you, still wearing his emotionless face.

"Haha, it's okay. My house about few ste--- What the!! You're my neighbor!?" you are surprised that Kuroko really is your neighbor.

"Ah, I hope we can get along together," Kuroko said while walking toward his house door, then he waves his right hand at you.

"Of course, Kuroko-kun!"

After you waved your right hand to Kuroko, you ran to your house. Not just cute, he's my neighbor too. You are too happy at the moment. Then, you decided to sleep early because tomorrow is your first day in my new middle school.

- - - - - - - -

Author's note(s) : I wasn't really interested in literature. But somehow, I'm a bit addicted to it. This is my first fanfiction (ever!!!!) And hope Reader-chan love it. Anddddd, sorry for my English, I'm not really good on English.

PS : I will gonna post the next chapter ASAP :3

Kuroko no Basuke characters and the picture belongs to the creators •^•

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