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I always liked the idea of being different. Mostly because it was more work to impersonate others. I never understood the real reason people acted like other people. I always thought they just wanted more friends or wanted to seem cool, but was that because they hated who they were originally?

My best friend, Garroth, had told me about him being... depressed, before he had met me. He gave me a teddy bear with the regular "I love you" heart in it's little paws for my birthday, thanking me for just being there for him. He had told me about how he was involved with self harm, and completely hated who he was. He included that he wrote a suicide note just before he attempted suicide. He was going to overdose pills or medicine, but he wanted to suffer. He wanted to punish himself for living. He wanted to hang AND stab himself so bad so that he could not be saved.

I cried a river after hearing this from him, thanking Irene for his father finding the note just before he tried to kill himself. His father didn't bother putting him in a place that would help him, because his father, Mr. Ro'Meave, thankfully knew me. My father was a business man, and Mr. Ro'Meave worked with him. I'm guessing my dad talked a storm about me, since Mr. Ro'Meave knew me so well. They both made a date for me and Garroth to hang out, and from there, he became the best friend I always wanted. We've been friends for five years, and I only regret not knowing him sooner.

Luckily, we both got into the same highschool, thanks to our fathers of course. We already made plans that we would go to the same college as well, and will never leave each other, no matter what happens to us. There was never a time I've been away from Garroth for a full 24 hours. Even if I was away, we kept in contact through texting and video chats.

I remember last week we had a conversation about girlfriends and boyfriends. He asked if I had one, even when he knew me when I was nine. He then asked if I liked anyone in the school. I honestly didn't. I wasn't desperately looking for a relationship as a highschool freshman. He then said that he knew a few people who liked me because I was beautiful and sweet, and some other complements that made me blush. I thought he was flirting with me, but he's my best friend, it's not wrong to complement your friends once in awhile.

In the second month of highschool, I recall Garroth being sick and unable to come to school. Since I was so shy and always hung out with Garroth, I didn't bother making new friends. I was making my way to the lunchroom when someone grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me aside of the hallway. When I realized what just happened, I look up and find an older boy, eyes a light shade of blue, and hair as black as the midnight sky. His shiny, straight hair blocked some part of his face, but not enough to miss his perfect jaw line. His smile topped off his perfect baby face.

The moment he spoke to me was the start of something I would have never thought would happen to me. I wished I would have known better on who he really was.

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