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Childish mirth softened Bowen's stony facade as he stared at the television.

It was settled.

James was going away for good, and Erin was finally safe.

You didn't even bother throwing it away; you just stashed it in your car.

After days spent on his tail, and hours searching James' condo, Bowen had finally found the gun. Even the sight of streaked mascara and blanched skin was worth it if it meant her liberation.

With that, and the location of where it all went down, you're going to be behind bars for a long time... I guess a little confession wouldn't hurt either.

Picking up James' car keys off a shelf in the foyer, Bowen looked forward to taking a joyride in the black Audi. He hadn't planned on acquiring any cash this trip, but it looked like luck was favouring him - the heavily scented bachelor pad left him with more than he'd asked for.

He took a parting glance around the joint, smirked, and then walked up to the door.

See you never, Ja-

As Bowen reached for the silver handle, a few hushed whispers, the scratching of metal, and a series of clicks came from the other side.


Something alien stirred within.

He lives alone.

A reel of film took center stage within Bowen's mind. James ate, read, and watched television in solitude, with the exception of a vivacious girl with chestnut brown hair accompanying him every now and then.

The images grew larger and brighter.


The lock turned.

Clawing fear gripped his guts as blood pounded through his veins. It was fear as the teenager had never felt; deeply rooted in his brainstem, a terror from humanity's primordial days. It threatened to dethrone him.


The quiet spirit of James Edgens had woken up, and it took all of Bowen's effort to remain conscious as panic scaled his walls.

Frozen, he watched helplessly as the black door opened, and found himself staring down the barrel-end of a gun not unlike the one he'd just been searching for.


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