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Jason was staring at me expectantly. His blue eyes were the color of lightening, piercing into me. He nodded at me to start.

"Let's get this over with." I unzipped my blue hoodie and slipped it off. I didn't have to look up to know what Jason's face looked like. The heater of Jason's room warmed my bare arms and I exhaled slowly.

"Your shirt- take it off-"


He tugged on my blue T-shirt. "I want to understand how bad it is."

I tugged off the T-shirt reluctantly to reveal my bare chest. Scars, bruises, and everything else ran up and down my body. Injury over injury. I glanced swiftly at Jason's face.

It was indescribable.

His hand found its way to my torso where he played it gingerly on a particularly bad scar on my side that hadn't really healed yet. He looked at me, his electric eyes turning softer. "Who?"

I forced my brain to form the words to spit out but once I had started, it was easier.

"You're staying here." Jason said, his voice deadly calm.

"W- Wait, what?"

"Stay. Here."

"What about- what about my mom?"

"What time does your mom come home from work?


"Okay. Just- stay. Alright? I'll go get my phone." He thundered down the stairs and only a few moments later, I heard him come up again.

He was dialing a number, but I kept my mouth shut. Our breathing was heavy as it rang.

"Hello? Yes, I'd like to report child abuse- Mhm. My best friend- Right. His name is Percy Jackson."

I listened, but said nothing. I realized that my shirt was still off. I quickly put it back on and slipped my hoodie back on.

"Yes. Mhm." Jason paced the room with the phone.

My mind couldn't wrap around it. I've lived with Gabe for gods know how long. And now, it'll be over.

My mom will be safe.

My vision clouded over as silent tears streamed down my face. Jason glanced at me worriedly, but continued to talk on the phone. His words didn't comprehend in my head, so I just stared at his wall.

He hung up and glanced at me. I stared back at him.

He held me, rubbing my back. I let out a sob I had been holding for eight years.

"Everything will be alright," He said softly.

I loved him more than he will ever love me.

And I believed him.

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