Chapter 6:What a Yummy Mess

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So spaghetti and my famous meatballs it is," Jade was heard saying as she opened, the townhouse, door. Josh followed behind her and closed the door behind him.

"Why are they called your famous meatballs? They aren't famous because they've left a long line of dead people behind are they?" Josh playfully raised his eyebrows.

Jade turned around and shook her head. "No! They're famous because every year when the whole family gets together, they're gone in a minute. That's why, every year, I have to make twice as much as I made the last."

"Wow, now I really can't wait to taste them." Jade turned back around and opened the refrigerator taking out supplies she would need to use. She hated to brag, but she had to admit she was an excellent cook. Everything she made had a piece of her heart in every bite…but not literally! 

"Just promise not to get hooked on my home cooking," Jade said eyeing Josh. She grabbed a pot and some other things from under the sink, and then stood up.

"I can't promise that, but I can promise that I will be coming over for more of your cooking, if I like it!" Josh said squeezing into the chair by the kitchen table.

"Good, maybe I could come over to your place and cook for you. Excuse me for a minute, I have to change," Jade said dusting her hands. 

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?"

Jade posed in the living room, placing her hand on her hip. "This is not something one usually wears when cooking." With that said, Jade, began to walk upstairs. Humming a merrily tune in her head she walked past Zach's door. After, she finished changing into something more comfortable she walked past Zach's door again. Curiosity, got the best of her when she looked in, noticing his room was completely dark. That was weird especially considering, it was probably around seven! She pressed her hand to the door and pushed it open.

A cold breeze, whipped on her face and she saw that his fan was turned on. She walked in slowly, looking towards his bed. Was he sleeping? She jumped when she heard a rustle and saw something move on his bed. Taking another step, her foot brushed something soft on the floor. Looking down she picked it up, it was his shirt! He's not sleeping without his shirt on is he?

"I knew this was a bad idea, but do I listen…no!" Jade told herself. Turning around she tiptoed back out of his room, but stopped. Did she hear him right?

"Jade," Zach mumbled in his sleep. Hearing him turn over again she sighed and closed the door softly. 

"Was he just calling my name?" She furiously shook her head and let out an exhausted sigh. What was he doing sleeping so early anyway? What about his story? A clutter downstairs made her eyes bulge. She ran down the steps and looked toward the kitchen. Jade scoffed at the sight of Josh stirring something in the pot she placed out. 

He turned around with a mischievous smile on his face. "I thought I could start dinner for you."

"You're a very funny guy, but you must remove yourself from the kitchen," Jade said walking towards him. She looked inside the pot at the sauce he was stirring.

"It's very good," Josh said to her over her shoulder. "See, I can cook too! It may not be a chef's masterpiece, but it's something." 

Jade dipped her finger in the sauce and tasted it. It was pretty good she had to admit, but she still had to make her meatballs and add the noodles.

"Sit down and let a real cook show you how this is done," Jade teased pushing him away from her. 

And cook she did! Jade didn't have time to talk once she got started, but she listened to Josh talk. He told her of the rough times when he became manager of Barnes and Nobles. He also spoke of his father, a great man, as he always placed it, but she was more interested in how he got started.