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The next morning, I asked Calum if he could drive me back to my apartment. He agreed, and I thanked him as I grabbed my clothes from the day before and my purse.

I got into his car, and we drove towards my apartment after I gave Calum directions from his apartment to mine. Hopefully soon, he'd know how to get to my apartment.

"So.. I'm not gonna lie. You look fucking sexy in my t-shirt and booty shorts with a messy bun added to that," he complimented me on what I was still wearing.

"Thank you," I smiled, looking down at my lap. I looked up at him, and he was smiling but focused on the road.

"I just don't know if I'll be able to make it without being physical with you until we're married."

"When we're married, we can have sex as much as we want. But since we aren't, we are not going to have sex," I told him, "it's what I've always learned and what I've always done. I'm still a virgin."

"That's hard to believe with how beautiful you are," he bit his lip before continuing, "you must have had sex at least one time."

"No.. I haven't. Even when guys try to initiate it, I turn them down. By the way, how's your boner from last night? Did you deal with it?"

"I fell asleep, and I still had it because I was so close to you. When I woke up, I didn't have one. There's an existing one right now," he sighed.

I giggled a little, "sorry.. Let's just try to get to my apartment without you having to.. do anything."

"I'm not going to wank in the car. Definitely not," he laughed, looking over at me. I shrugged.

We soon got to my apartment. Calum got out of the driver's seat and quickly ran around the car and opened the door for me. He grabbed my hand and escorted me to my apartment door.

"Ooh, such a gentleman! Opening the door for me and taking me to my apartment door!" I exclaimed, joking a little.

"Yeah, yeah," Calum rolled his eyes.

We walked into the apartment after I unlocked the door. When I walked in, Calum walked in behind me and turned me around. He kissed me, his tongue forcibly entering my mouth. I liked it. Panting, our foreheads sat on each other's. He kissed me again, pushing me against the back of the door.

"Are you sure you don't want to?" He smirked, gasping for breath after making out for quite some time.

"I'm sure," I told him, positive, "not yet."

"Lilliana!" Callie exclaimed from the hallway, watching Calum and me. I pulled away from him and looked at her.

"What?" I smiled because of Calum. He did make me really happy.

"Who is this and why is he shoving his tongue down your throat?" Callie put her hand on her hip, making a point.

"This is Calum. He's my boyfriend now," I told her, grabbing Calum's hand and pecking his lips before looking back towards Callie.

"Since when?"


"Is he who you spent all day with yesterday and last night?" She wondered. She was making this sound really bad.

"Yes," I nodded.

"Okay," she shrugged. I looked up at Calum, and he told me that he had to go to practice and write with the band.

Once Calum left, Callie looked me right in the eyes and asked while pointing to the door, "why are you doing this?"

"He's leaving in three weeks. I have to get him to fall in love with me by then."

"Three weeks? That's not enough time to make someone fall in love with you! You need more time! Love does not happen within a timeframe. It happens when it wants to happen and when you're ready to accept it," she growled.

"Callie, I signed up to do this, and if I'm engaged to him within 21 days, I get a lot of money. Even if we're not engaged within 21 days, I think I'm going to stay with him. I really do like him."

"Sure you do," she rolled her eyes, turning around and began walking slowly down the hallway on the large rug that covers the hardwood floors.

"Callie, could you just not judge me on my choice of dating. I don't judge you on how many guys you bring in here, and they leave you soon after," I told her, getting mad at her.

"How about we both just forget about this. I'll accept the fact that you're in a relationship with Calum for limited time to get money," she told me, smiling partially.

"Thank you," I grabbed my purse from the floor where I had set it after walking into the apartment. I walked back to my room and changed.


Later, Calum texted me, asking me if I wanted to come over. I told him I would the next day because Callie seemed to be getting jealous and that I should spend time with her.

Callie really seemed to be jealous because I was with Calum the whole day and night yesterday. I always hang out with her, and now, she probably thinks that I won't hang out with her anymore.

"Callie!" I called from the living room, "do you want to watch a movie?" I heard her walking out from her room.

"Sure!" She exclaimed, walking into the living room and sitting down next to me on the couch. She smiled, and I smiled back at her. I think she was just thinking I wouldn't hang out with her anymore..

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