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I awoke in the morning and jumped in the shower. I caught sight of my newly formed mark on my neck.


Every male is born with the potential to Mark his Mate. Its basically his way of warning other wolves away from his mate.The mark left my a wolf is unique and no two marks are the same.

I smiled as I climbed in the shower and let all the sweat from the night before's activities wash away. When i felt refreshed i climbed out and dried off before dressing in a white summer dress and sandals.

I then ordered someone to bring down litres of blood from the vault for Sophie and I got out the ingredients to make pancakes for me and Chase. I turned the radio and began singing along to the song that was playing.

"Do you think about me when your all alone, the things we used to do, we used to be. I could be the one to make you feel that way. I could be the one to set you free." I sang, dancing about the kitchen as I began cooking enough food to feed the French Army.

I dropped the spatula i was using in surprise as someone. Began laughing behind me. i regained my composure and spun to face Chase.

"Someone is in a good mood." He commented.

I smiled and walked towards him, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. "I wonder why." I replied, kissing his lips as his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Alright." Sophie said, covering her eyes like she was standing in the middle of an orgy. " I know im a vampire, but your gonna make me sick." She complained.

I laughed and pulled away from Chase who pouted, but sat down at the table as I finished cooking.

Just then someone walked in with Sophie's breakfast. "Yum!" She said in a chirpy voice, licking her lips.

Chase made a gagging sound. "And we were making you feel sick." He shuddered.

"Oh shut up and eat your pancakes." I said to him, opening one of the bloodbags and pouring it into a cup.


Once everyone had eaten, we made our way down to the training area.Dan and the other two pack warriors were already waiting.

"Okay, I think we can openly introduce ourselves." I chuckled. "I'm Kitty." I looked at the fair haited girl next to me. She cleared her throat.

"Um, I'm Elena.the third in command for Golden Dawn." She said as the same question was passed around the circle.

"Liam, Beta."


The names continued to fly.

"Okay," I began when we had circled back to myself. "Each Alpha rotate so that your training a different pack."

I ended up training Darren and Shaun's pack and in particular their Beta Liam.

"Again." I demanded. He swung his fist towards my face. I caught it just short of my face

"Stop going for the obvious attack. Watch and learn." I said to him, walking towards ab unaware Chase.

I walked, waggling my hips and batting my eyelashes. "Hi," I said seductively. I got closer and raised my knee, just stopping short of his family jewels. Automatically he cringed.I turned to look at Liam. "See. The distraction is key, it doesn't have to just be seduction." I walked towards the Beta from another pack called Thomas. I offered my right hand for him to shake. When he grasped it I I used his arm to pull him towards me and I lightly tapped him in the gut.

"Do you get it?" I asked.

"Clever, but something tells me i am not going to have enough time or patients to go around shaking hands with vampires" Lian said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes.

I ran towards him, faking an obvious attack. As his hands automatically went up to defend himself, I slid between his legs, pinning him from behind.

"Never underestimate me." I whispered before letting him go. As i expected he then took the opportunity to pin me.

"Or me." He countered.

"So when are we attacking Jessica, the Beta of Chase's pack asked.

"Two weeks today, now lets go eat."

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