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Pen Your Pride


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I suppose you could say I was a normal guy. Well, that's what I wanted everyone to think. To the world, I was Harry Styles, a major pop star in the world's biggest boy band, I was famous. That isn't what I wanted the world to see me as though. I just happened to be a normal guy like everybody else, the only different thing about me was that I had a talent. Singing.

I wanted to find someone who thought like that, but I still haven't to this day. The only ones who really understood me though, were my band mates. It was definite that they felt the same way, and whenever I kind of just felt down about not being able to have a normal conversation with somebody, they listened. The one who understood me most, was Liam. He knew exactly what to say to cheer me up, and I think that if you ever wanted a deep, meaningful conversation, you would want to have it with Liam.

Sitting here on the little private jet we had going to the next stop of our tour, it had me thinking. I was up late, a bit past two in the morning. Trying to sort out what was so different about me from anybody else.

I was nineteen years old, still pretty much a teenager. I guess the only reason I am classified as different, or in other words, famous, is because the spotlight has been focused on me. Being in a boy band wasn't that normal of a thing, right? Going to school and working at a restaurant, at a store, anywhere, was a normal thing for a normal everyday teenager. I used to be like that. I went to school, I worked in a bakery. But now, I was in a band, I traveled the world and I recorded albums. I went to award shows, I received awards, I had a fanbase. 

So, I reckon maybe I wasn't as normal as the majority of teenagers out in the world.

But, I did have feelings.

Feelings that may cause a bit of a conflict; my fault for letting them go out of control.

* *

Hiii there. So, this is a little introduction to my new story as you can see, I'm actually going to be working on this one as well as my other, The Rant. The others will be continued on soon enough, when I have the time :)

It is a Lirry fanfiction (Liam Payne and Harry Styles), I figured I would do one since that ship is practically nonexistent, and I actually love it. 

By all means though, I'm not saying that this is real at all, of course. It's a fanfiction, and I decided to try out a little bit of bromance writing. Thanks to Lisa (@MeltedPopsicle) who is also writing a bromance fanfic. While you're reading this, please go check out her story The Lucky Pick. :)

I hope you all like this, and I'd love to get some feedback on it! And I know that it's short, but this is just the introduction to it.


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FAN?:) -M xx.

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