BasicallyIDoWrk ~ Rage

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Y/n's POV:

    I'm recording Hide and Seek GMod with Vanoss, Daithi De Nogla, and IAMWILDCAT. The people who can make me rage the most... "DAITHI WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING?!?!" I yell as Daithi runs his character around in circles. "CIRRRRRCCCCCCCLLESSSSSS!" He yells. "DAITHI MOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!" I yell as Vanoss (the seeker) runs towards us. Then I start to rage.... "DAITHI MOVE YOU F*CKING ASSHOLE!! YOU BITCH ASS MOTHER F*CKER!!!!! MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" I yell. "DAITHI WHY ARE YOU F*CKING TRAPPING ME?!?!? MOVE YOUR FAT ASS!!!!!!!!" I yell again.

    Then Vanoss tags me and Daithi. "F*CK YOU DAITHI!!!!" I yell. "When?" Daithi joked. With that I just went full FYA (F*ck your ass) mode and left the game. "F*ck you!" I mumble

~~TIME SKIP TO: A WEEK LATER~~ (still your pov)

    I was now playing GTAV with Vanoss, IAMWILDCAT,and Lui. "Come on Lui!" I chuckle. "I'm coming!" Lui said. "EVAN YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell as Vanoss blew up my car. I rarely ever used their real names, I would if I raged. Everyone giggled as I re-spawned and blew Vanoss up with a rocket launcher. "Dude! She would be great friends with Basically!" Wild said. "I'm adding him to the party!" Vanoss cheered. "Who is he again?" I asked. Then I looked at the party to see someone I didn't know. "SUP BITCHES?" He said

    "Hey dude! We got a friend for you! Her name is Y/T/n (YouTube name)." Wild finished. "Hi, I'm BasicallyIDoWrk or Marcel!" The man cheered. "I'm Y/T/n or Y/n." I say running off to the military base. "So, how do you guys know we'll be friends?" Marcel asked. "They probably want someone else to- F*CK YOU IN THE F*CKING FACE TYLER!!!!!!!!" I yelled at Wildcat as he blew up my car. "Oh! I see, we both rage!" Marcel said. "Rage?" I ask. "I can rage like a bitch sometimes..." He admitted. "Basically my life!" I agreed.

~tiny TIME SKIP~

    We have been playing GTA V for an hour now. Marcel and I have become really good friends! As I blew up Marcel with a rocket launcher, I died because of his rage. "Y/NWHATTHEF*CKWHYWOULDYOUDOTHATTOSUCHANICECARINGBEATIFULPERSON?!!?" He yelled in one breath. "BAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!" We all laugh. "F*CK YOU GUYS!!!" He yelled then blew me up with a rocket launcher. "MARCELWHATTHEF*CKWHYWHOULDYOUDOTHATTOSUCHANICECARINGBEAUTIFULPERSON?!!?" I yelled copying him. 

    Then, the bitches I play with decided to spawn kill me. "F*CK YOU! I NEED TO GO BEFORE I BREAK ANOTHER (ONE) CONTROLLER!" I yell logging off. I forgot I gave Marcel my number so we could text until...He text me asking if I was okay and broke the controller. I replied with, "I'm fine, just raging like a mother f*cker!" With that I threw myself onto my bed texting Marcel all night. I found out about his channel and watched a few videos of his, funny, full of rage, and more rage...


    Marcel and I have become really good friends! Today I finally get to meet him in person! I got off the plane and got my bags when I saw Marcel. He had no idea what I looked like, I only knew what he looked like. "Marcel!" I said as I reach him. "Y/n!" He yells realizing it was me. I gave him a hug as we went back to his house. "So what do you wanna do?" He asked. "Rage!" I said giving a devil grin. "F*ck no! How about we watch F/m (Favorite movie)?" Marcel asked. "Sure!"

The rest of the night we watched F/m

And this crazy thing called kissing..




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