"Micheal, I've already been to the woods many times, it kind of freaks me out," I confess. Micheal was trying to get me to come to the woods to help him look for his supposedly alive sister.

"Please Abigail, you're an Argent. Ask your dad to get you some things to help."

"I haven't started my training yet. He won't give me anything."

"Just please come and help."

"Fine, I guess."

Micheal has become my new friend what with him revealing that he's a werecoyote.

I get in my car and head to the woods to meet him.

"Alright," I say, "how do we find supernatural creatures?

"Well, I could try and track her scent," he says. "I grabbed one of her old teddy bears out of her room."

"And this is your twin?"

"Yeah, Malia."

"Alright, give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't just go home now?"

"Because, I love her. She's my sister and I miss her so much. I just want to see if there's a possible way she could be alive." My heart melted for him but I had to ask this next question.

"What makes you so sure she's alive?"

"Okay, so the day of the crash, my mom, little sister, and Malia all were going on a girls weekend. Well after my dad said he'd take me on a hunting trip," his voice cracked every few words and his eyes were watering. "Then we heard about the crash. When the sheriff and deputies left the scene, I went. That's when I saw a coyote. Its eyes glowed blue. I didn't think much of it because I didn't know about my abilities."

"You think the coyote is Malia?"

"It didn't hurt me, it has to be her."

"Okay," I say, "I'll help."

He smiled a little before wiping his face.

We went to look for a den where this coyote is living.

Micheal and I thought to split up cause maybe the coyote wouldn't recognize me and be scared. It was crazy but I was willing to do it.

That's when I heard a scream. It sounded like Micheal.



I started running in the direction of the scream. He was nowhere to be seen.

I pulled out my phone and called the dispatch that Stiles called when looking for Scott.

"Um, I'm in the woods right now. I heard a scream, it was my friend's. Micheal Tate. I can't find him. He's nowhere to be found."

"We'll be sending people right over."

It seemed like forever until I finally heard the wailing of the police sirens.

Then I saw flashlights flashing through the bushes.

The cops were here.

I gave them my statement and I drove home. Let's just say, I didn't get much sleep.


The morning I woke up super early. I had to go and look for him. Even if it's the last thing I do. Whatever took him, had to be bad, if it can take a werecoyote, who's supposed to be more vicious, it can surely take a werewolf.

I go to the exact spot that Michael went missing. That's when I found one of his shoes. Maybe if I use my scent I can track him down and find him.

I have no clue how to do this so I just improvise. I smell the shoe and smell the air.

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