Thirty Six: The Relvelation

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Chapter Thirty Six : The Revelation

Zayn sat on the chair with his hands pressed agaisnt his face. Alot of things was going on in his mind. He couldn't be happier. He found the love of his life who loved and accepted him for who he was.He found himself again and graduated from University with Skarline. They moved in together after expressing their feelings for one another . Zayn was certain that this was the girl he wanted to marry . But..there was something wrong.

Skarline was late

Zayn picked at his hands not knowing whether he wanted Good news or Bad news. He just knew what had happened wasn't supposed to happen at all. He scolded himself for not being careful and forgetting the most obvious thing in the world : protection.

Zayn stood up immediatley when he saw Skarline. Her beautiful ice blonde hair was naturally gelled back. She wore a cream blouse matched with a high waisted denim flannel. She couldn't supress her happiness.

"Positive ?" Zayn said already able to read her expression she nodded excitedly wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

"Positive " She confirmed as the colour from Zayn's face drained. Her smile faded when she noticed.

"You're not happy ?" She said trying not to sound sad but failed.Zayn held her hands and kissed them repeatedly.

"Of course I'm happy" He admitted " But.....I've should've taken precautions.."

"Zayn " She said through laughter " Don't you see that I'm happy ? I'm not scared of them" She placed his hand on her flat stomach " We have a blessing...and nobody can take this way from us "

Zayn nodded kissing the top of her head . " I will protect you .. the both of you "

Zayn knew that an immortal impregnating a mortal was very rare. If it ever happened then the ' Berserkers ' would find out and kill both of the immortal , mortal and the child. That's what Zayn feared and that's something he did not want his Skarline to face. When he looked into her beautiful blue eyes he saw hope in them. When he looked at her he was certained that they could face the world together.

" Italy " He blurted out as Skarline laughed at him, raising her eyebrow " Think about it, before they find out about the pregnancy we could take a boat to Valencia and stay with my cousins..."

" I don't have a passport ..and I can't speak italian " Skarline said as He smirked.

" I can .." He said caressing her shoulder " Think about it, before the baby is born... please tell me you'll at least think about it ?" She smiled at him showing him her pearly whites.

"I promise "

Even though she thought about it , it was silly how they thought they would get past The Berserkers.

They always found a way .


I groaned loudly waking up from a terrible headache pounding my head.

I never wanted to do that again !

I tried to recognize my surroundings. I was in my room, Evelynn was lying flat agaisnt the floor of my room with blankets wrapped around her. She snored lightly.

"She was the hardest person to try and make fall asleep" A deep voice echoed my room. It was Daniel he had two glasses of water and some paracetomel in his hands. " She confessed her love to me and tried to make out with me while I tried to wrap her up like a pig in a blanket"

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