Chapter 19 | Every Mile a Memory

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Somebody sedate me! X'D *scroll to the video➚☻* I laughed so hard I almost peed when I watched this.... The ones at the end are my Fav! (And the guy with the guitar)
Which part is your favourite, or that you relate to the most?

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Emma is trying to teach Killian how to drive her car so she can eventually have a break.

"The clutch!" She screams for the third time this morning and the car promptly dies right as the words leave her mouth.

Undeterred, Killian just looks determined to figure it out and she cant fight the smile she hides against her shoulder.

The car stalls again.

"That's it." Killian says flinging the car door open before he gets out, leaving the car lifeless in the middle of the road. He walks around to the shotgun side, leaning down to look at her through the window. "Park it on the side of the road for me, would'cha love?"

"Why?" She asks and he just gives her a look as if saying "trust me". Emma does as he asks, curious to see what he's planning to do.

"Now... let's see what's under here", Killian says and opens the hood, while Emma leans against the side of the car next to him and watches him frown and grumble to himself.

God hes so cute when he's confused...

"What are you trying to do?" She asks with an amused chuckle but Killian is far too busy to pay attention to her teasing. "Oh come on, you can fix cars too?! What even are you?"

"I'm devilishly Handsome, and aye. I do know a few things, so after learning the tricks of your trade, and how to actually man a stick shift I'll be going places.", He concludes, gingerly moving aside the cables so he can look deeper.

"You're ridiculous."

"This contraption is ridiculous, and don't forget you asked for it the moment you insisted on teaching me." He tells her patiently, and Emma rolls her eyes but decides to let him play with her car.

"Just don't break anything"

"You doubt my abilities?" He exclaimed, looking utterly offended "Tsk tsk love..."

Before he can can say another word she leaves him to go back and sit in the car, tinkering with the radio until she goes back to the station they were listening to previously.

A couple minutes pass and she finds herself singing to Uptown Funk.

"I'm too hot (hot damn)...."
"Am I bad 'bout that money - Break it down."

"Girls hit your hallelujah whooo-"

"Ehm..Can you hand me one of those portable light things?" He calls from under the hood. Emma reaches into the glove box mumbling the next verse in time with the radio before getting out to find him lying flat on his back on the ground, getting ready to slide under the car.

"Here's your flashlight...." She says and he leans forward to grab it from her, then shoots her a wink before disappearing under the car for about fifteen minutes while Emma walks up and down the side of the road, slowly losing her patience.

"Emma? Can you start it? Just don't run me over.... Kay?" Oh I'll try, but people like me aren't that lucky... She mumbles under her breath. Wondering why the hell she is even doing this.

After he dubs the car 'fixed', when there was nothing wrong with it to begin with... He Slides into the drivers seat once again and grips the steering wheel with ease. "Alright then, let's try this again." He says, settling into his seat. "Oh, and what a dear..." He says gesturing to her, shaking his head with a growing smirk "You even kept the seat warm for me, love. Thank you." He jokes.

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