Chapter. 11

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I opened the door to my office that my father once had, and I sat down in my chair. Joshua sat on the other side across form me, smirking like he didn't do anything.

"Joshua, listen here. I know what you did to Connor the other night."

"I didn't do any-." He was saying, but I cut him off.

"Don't lie to me, if you ever lay a hand on Connor again. I will kill you slowly and painfully, and let none help you, because I control everyone." I said as a threat.

"He never deserved a mate, he is too weak and I know he's going to weigh you down." He said smirking. "You would be better off with my daughter Katie Connor's sister." He added.

"Mr. Ross did you not hear what I said earlier your son is carrying the Heir to be Alpha." I said trying to keep calm.

"I know, but wouldn't you rather have your child grow up in a normal household." He said looking at me.

"That's it, I'm done trying to be the nice guy, I want you to get this through your thick skull. Connor is my Mate, my love, my beloved and I Love him as much as he loves me." I snapped "I will not have you mocking my Mate, if you know what's good you will leave, but your Mate is welcome whenever. Goodbye Mr. Ross." I continued. I watched as he walked out and I followed, a smile got attached to my face as I saw Connor sleeping with his mom rubbing his back on the couch.

"Alison we're leaving, but you can come over whenever you want." Joshua said walking out the door. Alison kissed Connor's head and patted my back whispering, "Be careful with him Logan please." She said going out the door. I walked over to Connor kissed his lips and his beautiful eyes fluttered open.

"Hi Kitten, your mom just left." I said and he nodded sitting up. He gently put his hands to his stomach and smiled, I sat on my knees and placed my hands over his.

"Logan, I think I Love You." He said looking at me. "Connor Xavier Ross I don't think I Love You, I know I Love You. I said reaching up and kissed him smiling into it.

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