As I walked into the new beginning as a adult I walked into the club in Manhatten and looked at everyone staring at me did I have something on my face. I looked at me best friend she was like I told everybody in the club today was your birthday and they were like that's cool but they are staring at you because you look like Ariana Grande. Oh ummm I don't mean to be dumb but who is Ariana Grande ? Well said Tracy she is a girl with red hair and she is very beautiful and she is dating one of the twins I think Jai oh my god you are so right. I love them they are so cute I wish I could meet them right now in real life and fall into Luke and jai's arm right now. Well that's another surprise Tracy didn't tell me what I said trying not to scream ? well I knew that you wanted to meet them so much so I decided to tweet them to come to New York however they responded that they couldn't make it  so yeah that that but they both followed you on twitter and direct messaged you. Oh yeah LOL that was cool I wish they could've made it well all of a sudden two hands were placed over my face and two lips were planted on either side of my cheek I said Oh my god ummmm is it Jai and Luke they took there hands off hey love.   I started crying but thank god I had waterproof makeup on. Luke looked at me and smiled and jai just stared at me like I had something on my face I asked slowly I don't want to be rude but why are you staring at me I asked looking confused. You look like Ariana that's all I miss her and when I saw you it reminded me of her would you like to dance he asked I said yes of course. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor leaving my best friend Tracy with Luke. I stared into his eyes and said I'm not Ariana you know that right he said I know your perfect the way you are and I do realize you aren't Ariana you are prettier I started blushing a slow song came on  and he pulled me close to him then the paparazzi walked into the club shooting photos jai didn't seem to care and neither did I. Then all of a sudden he put his hand on my chin and pulled my head up I didn't want this to happen he looked into my blue eyes and said you are perfect in every way I know I will not regret doing this he leaned in and starting kissing me and our lips fit together perfectly I accidentally bit his bottom lip but he seemed to like it because he didn't pull away and I like that he then tried putting his tongue into my mouth but I didn't allow that until he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer I tangled my nails into his beautiful brown hair and started kissing him more I then allowed him to put some tongue after five more minutes he pulled away for some air and I walked away leaving him there staring at me and licking his lips at me I brought him a drink and he drank it all he was staring at my ass the whole time I was laughing at him because he was eating me with his eye's. Then the red nose song came on and love that dance I started dancing and  he was like you cant dance without a partner we started dancing everyone was like damn that girl is hot and I was hype we then sat in a booth and started making out I was in love he broke  up with Ariana and I was now just scared and worried if he was just playing with me or if we were together he invited me to his home and I said yes he lived with his brother. I laughed because Tracy and Luke were making out and she kept laughing they were so cute. as soon as we got there I put my betty boo shirt on and my booty shorts I was very nervous because I  didn't know if he would try something I wanted him too though so we were there watching a movie Tracy fell asleep so Luke took her up to his room and said bye too me. I was with Jai and he didn't have a shirt on I got hype we were watching a old movie called Claw  I was hoping he would do the hand thing and we would start kissing but that didn't happen I was smiling and he just started kissing my neck I giggled and let out a soft moan. He took me too his room and we laid there kissing he was on top of me of course I was on the bottom. I told him it was my first time and like the sweet guy he was he told me if I wasn't ready we didn't have to do it. I said let do it and he just went in he took my shirt off and rolled me on top of him I was having the time of my life we locked the door and started making out he pushed me up against the wall I sat him down and put my legs around his waist when all of a sudden I started grinding on him and he said harder Ariana harder and that made he laugh until I realized he called me Ariana and that was the end of him he had to explain everything to me.

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