Thirty Five: S Vs The World

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Chapter Thirty Five: S Vs The World

Skarline was a convincing person. She knew how to get people on her side from quite a young age. It was a trait that was passed on from family to family. She could use on anyone, Families, Teachers, Boyfriends you name it.


She couldn't convince Zayn to come out of his house and talk to her.

She sighed waiting in a park . She looked at her golden wristwatch.


After months on end she convinced Zayn to come at visit her at the park. It was there she was going to confess her feelings towards him. He had been so persistent and trying so hard to push Skarline away from his horrific world but it didn't scare Skarline. Infact, Nothing scared her...She was excited to find out what Zayn was after the night of her attack. She couldn't stop thinking out of the oridinary. She kept trying to think of natural things like a face disfigurment or a rash but she knew that Zayn was not human. If he didn't want to admit it himself. Instead of her to be scared of him she found him to be much more interesting than before. She knew Zayn was hiding something but she never expected her noisiness will lead herself into falling in love with him.

The wind grew fast as the moon began to appear. It was getting late and Zayn was nowhere in sight.

"Zayn..where are you.." She whispered, placing her hand on her chest. Her heart was beating loud. It was like that everytime she thought of him. She was falling madly head over heels inlove with him. She never expected it to happen but he was the one for her. He was old fashioned and had a caring heart. Yes , he found her annoying at times but she loved how she was able to get under his skin. She wanted to be with him regardless of what he was.

Just as she was about to walk away she felt two pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. She closed her eyes automatically feeling his warm breath hit her neck. She wanted to turn around to face him but he made her back was facing his front. They stayed like that for while as the cool breeze went through them . But the beating of their hearts kept them warm, They were like two puzzle pieces that fitted perfectly together. They didn't say a word to each other. They stood in silence.

"You make me crazy Skarline.." He whispered in her ear. She felt chills going down her spine . " I want you to be mine but I  don't want you to get hurt" Skarline turned to face Zayn whose eyes were sparkling from the moon. Instead of it to be brown it was golden.

"I'm not afraid of you..." She said softly caressing his cheeks. Then she brought his hand to her heart which was beating rapidly " You make me feel some type of way which I cannot explain. It's what I imagined love to be like " She continued on when he said nothing " I believe in taking chances no matter what circumstances...Whether you're a montser or some sort of are still the same Zayn Malik who I annoy and is hopelessly inlove with"

That was enough to make Zayn press his lips agaisnt hers. The kiss was passionate and left thousands of feeling coursing through both of their veins. it was a jubilant experience as their lips moved in sync and their tongues fought and danced with each other. Lust and carnal desires were radiating off the young couple as a moan escaped Zayn's lips. He wanted to feel her. Every inch of her. He wanted her to belong to him and she felt the same way as his lips travelled down her neck. She was His desire and he was her's.

She pulled him away from the steamy kiss. Zayn who was too consumed with her continued on kissing her forehead, nose, cheeks , ears causing her to giggle.

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