Soon after he was home where he was greeted by his two wives . Receiving a kiss from both of them , he told them what happened .

"So it is a arranged marriage to put in peace both villages with each other. I don't think everybody is going to like that ." Said Hinata as she put the plates on the table for them to eat lunch .
"Why would that be?" Said Naruto curios .
"I guess you don't know what happened to the Hyuga clan once before when the village tried to make piece with Kumo . I was very little when that happened , a shinobi from Kumo came at night to kidnap me and succeeded to but was stopped by my father . Kumo wanted my father dead for that as justice for the death of their commander but my uncle took my father's place that day , sacrificing himself for my father . Ever since that , father has never been the same ." Said Hinata as she lowered her head , reminding herself that story .
"I am sorry about that Hinata . I truly didn't know ." Said Naruto getting up and embracing Hinata , giving her comfort .
"I think Naruto should give her a chance ." Said Shion .
"Why do you think so ?" Said Hinata .
"Nobody in this village or in the world is better than Naruto as a character judge and putting people on the straight road of life . He took me off of my selfishness and not caring for anybody . So I think , he will know if she is trusty or not ." Said Shion as she received a smile from Naruto and Hinata .
"You are right Shion . Let's not let the past , determine our future . Now let's eat ." Said Hinata as they sat down and started eating .

Some time later they were done , Naruto going upstairs to the bathroom and taking a shower for later tonight . While the hot water was hitting his body , the door of the bathroom opened , revealing a nude Hinata as she slowly walked to where Naruto was . Getting on the tube with him , she took some shampoo and squeezed it in her hand as she started rubbing her hands over Naruto's head .

"Gotta be clean for tonight . Don't want to leave any spot dirty , do you?" Said Hinata as she finished his hair and started spreading the shampoo over his whole body .
Finishing with the shampoo , they got under the water together , making it wash away. While being taken care of , Naruto couldn't help but notice the curve that was created on Hinata's belly . Wandering his hands over her body , he slowly got on his knees and put his head over her belly .

"He will be a boy ." Said Naruto .
"How do you know it ? It's still a little early to know that ." Said Hinata as she rubbed his hair with her hands .
"Father's sixth sense I guess . I can feel it that he will be a boy ." Said Naruto .
"And I am sure he will be as strong as his father ." Said Hinata who got to Naruto's level giving him a loving kiss .
"I love you Hinata ." Said Naruto turning off the shower and getting out of the tube .

Drying himself and Hinata off , he got to his bedroom where Shion was waiting for them . Getting some clothes for Naruto , she gave them to him . He got dressed and thanked them for their help . Looking at the clock , he noticed that it was nearly time to leave . He put on his jacket and kissed both of his wives goodbye , and left the house .

About 20 minutes later , he reached the village center , where he noticed that Samui was waiting for him there . He took a look at her , noticing that she wasn't wearing the ninja gear she was wearing before . She now was wearing a mini skirt with a low cut T-shirt and knee high socks .He then approached her.

"Sorry for being late ." Said Naruto as he got close to her .
"No , you are just in time . " said Samui looking at Naruto with a smile .
"So what do you want to do first ?" Said Naruto as they started walking slowly .
"We could go for dinner . If that's good with you ." Said Samui .
"Sure . I know just the place ." Said Naruto as he started walking to the direction of the restaurant .

Some time after , they reached the place , where they asked for a table for 2 . The hostess gladly showed them to on on the corner of the place and they took it . They sat down and ordered their food and drinks and waited for them to come .

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